From Bagan to Ngapali

Coming from Bagan to Ngapali

Arrival by car is possible - Bagan to Magwe and then to Pyay to take the bus to Yangon-Thandwe. End your trip in Myanmar's best seafront, Ngapali. From Bagan to Ngapali by coach Anybody know if there's a coach from Bagan to Ngapali? Coming from US$400. There''s no coach from Bagan to Ngapali Beach.

There are two ways to get from Bagan to Ngapali Beach. 1) Bagan to Magwe ( with the Aung Ka Bar Bus), Magwe to Sittwe via Mrauk U ( with the Shwe La Min Bus) & flight from Sittwe to Thandwe.

Than to Pyay ( with the Bagan Min Thar Express) & Pyay to Connecticut by coach ( The next city from Ngapali Beach is Thandwe). There is no shuttle from Bagan to Ngapali.

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Hello Tripadvisors.... who can tell me if there is a coach from Bagan to Ngapali? Just by tracing back to Yangon and then an 11-hour drive via Pyay. Or - there are day-to-day non-stop services in the year. Then Sittwe > either by coach or boot to Thandwe OR Bagan > Pyay then Pyay > Thandwe/Ngapali.

So we got the information from a local tourist agency in the city and gave it to our hotels and they organized it all through this office (oohhh la la la la or so). So we decided to take the Pyay trail because it was most straightforward with fewer tags than the one via Sittwe (we would have had to take a cab to Kyaukpadaung to pick up the bus) and left it to fate whether we could take another coach to Thandwe or take a ferry.

For all we know, it was faster over Pyay. Initially we were informed that there was a 7.30am coach (not sure, but I guess it was a big bus?), but that was changing and we took the minibus off the highway near the central train terminal around 10am (we were informed that it was 9am) and got to the Pyay train terminal around 5pm, where we switched trains to get to Ngapali - another one.

We started around 19.00 o'clock and were set down at 4.30 o'clock in our Ngapali hotels, oneh before! Nocturnal is a village shuttle, so no fancy things. However, they brought us directly to our motel (it was raining) instead of having to stop in Thandwe, which would have needed a cab or a morning train in the early morning or wait until dawn to actually get to Ngapali.

The whole journey didn't take much - more or less US$20 from our memories. It was a good break - even at lunchtime, where we were at a small local train terminal and it was definitely rewarding when we reached the shore!

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