Fribourg old Town

Old Town of Freiburg

Freiburg's medieval character is unique in Europe, perhaps even worldwide! Freiburg offers a multitude of architectural sights. Take a look at our guide to the old town of Fribourg, so that you can immerse yourself in what Fribourg has to offer before you leave. Improved transport enabled the industrialisation of Freiburg.

Lovely old town - Review of the centre of Fribourg, Fribourg, Switzerland

One of the best places for hiking and photography is the old town. It is a worth seeing town in Switzerland. It is very pleasant with pleasant strolls along the riverbank and in the old town. It is a wonderful historic town to be visited in summer. It' good to run, but be careful of the altitude change, there are many stairs.

The riverbanks in particular are nice. When you don't want to go back to the top of town, take the cable car. Two days excursion to a holiday home hired by a local hosts near this lovely twelfth centr. town. We recommend visiting the small alleys and walking.

Were you in the centre of Freiburg?

Old Town of Freiburg

Freiburg's mediaeval character is unparalleled in Europe, perhaps even worldwide! Located 30 min from Yverdon-les-Bains, the Juraparc in Mont d'Orzeires is situated in a wonderful area of woods and pastures, where animals such as wolf, bear and buffalo are almost free. The zoo is also a center of enlightenment and conservation and is a favourite with family and wildlife enthusiasts.

The Tropiquarium Zoo focuses on providing access to wildlife through physical barrier and the proximity to extraordinary wildlife: 0,11,14,29,100,134,137,333,1496,1563,83,1605,1606,1545,1871,1872,1965,2119,258,192,2195,2198,2318. Situated at the highest point of the Vaud Alps, the 3000, at the summit of Mount Vaud, is open all year round for everyone! The breathtaking view and the broad variety of outdoor and indoor sports and leisure facilities - such as the Peak Walk, a magnificent hanging platform between two summits - make Glicier 3000 a must for your holiday in Switzerland!

As one of the most attractive European artistic landmarks, it draws more than 400,000 people every year. The Olympic Museums presents the pillars of Olympicism - sports, arts and culture - with its ultra-modern, highly active interactivity facilities: 0,603,689,587,699,726,1368,1810,4,11,14,76,89,124,134,143,155,1993,158,2185,2207,2119. Lausanne's most frequented of all museums was established by the ICO on the shores of Lake Geneva.

The only subdivision of the National Museum in French-speaking Switzerland is 0,3,11,14,76,89,124,134,155,144,147,381,258,603,687,587,700,704,726,1032,1368,1618,1810,1202,1637,1993,303,234,2119,2185,2189,2263, the magnificent Prangins Palace near Nyon. The Prangins, with its 1800s château, the biggest that can be seen in Switzerland, and its historical kitchen gardens, which are also the biggest of their kind, is an unmissable monument of culture in the area.

The Vallorbe cave is 0,3,3,3,4,11,14,35,77,97,,,,124,134,144,183,186,193,197,147,333,258,776,1691,207,1679,303,231,2119,1690, 6 km from the borders of France, and is the largest cave in Switzerland. One of the most enchanting in Switzerland and Europe, the imposing geologic formations of galactites, salagmites and limestones, supplemented by clever lighting. Château-d'Oex, in Pays-d'Enhaut, in the centre of the Vaud Alps, has been given a blessing with a mild atmosphere that has given it the status of capitol of the city.

It is home to the Festival International de Ballons, while the amusing balloon museum in the center of the town recounts the history of balloon pilots. The Chablais Wines and Wines Museum is a must for all winetourists in the Chablais Wines and Wines area. It is located at 0,4,30,73,144,333,407,4,416,485,487,409,488,134,2034,124,2118,2119,2176,2210. The Château d'Aigle's extraordinary surroundings fascinate lovers of wines, and even the family can find out about this shop.

Situated at the bottom of the Vaud Alps, the Bex Mine welcomes many annual guests looking for a truly unforgettable event in Switzerland, perfect for the whole of our group. Straddling 0,3,11,14,30,71,89,107,124,134,144,265,333,385,386,147,258,653,1563,1637,1695,303,233,232,2268,2302,1202,2262, La Garenne, a favourite place for relaxing for families, is situated in Le Vaud, a town above Lake Geneva and borders the Jura Parque in Vaud. The zoo is open every working day and is easy to reach by road or bus on the Nyon - St. George line (daily) and the Gland-Bassins line (on weekdays).

Romainmôtier, 0,137,97,187,204,183,424,134,1567,35,1965,1679,2063,2119,2183,2198, embedded in a wonderful green environment, in the Yverdon les Bains area, has one of the oldest roman church in Switzerland, which determines the city. The largest zoo in western Switzerland is open all year round and is a must for families on holiday in the Lake Geneva area.

In Veytaux, near Montreux, Chillon Castle has been standing proud on its cliffy isle since the twelfth century, and seems to hover on the lakefront. It is the most frequently frequented historic memorial in Switzerland with regularly held exhibits and culture activities. The Alimentarium, established by Nestlé, is the first nutritionally-focused exhibition centre in the whole wide world which, through its hands-on exhibits, opens a dialog on past and present diet.

The Alimentarium is located on the shore of Lake Vevey and can be recognised by its huge bifurcation nestled in Lake Geneva. From the Lavaux vineyards, UNESCO-certified, you can take a stroll through some of the most picturesque landscapes in Switzerland: the Lavaux vineyards are dotted with signposted paths with magnificent panoramic vistas of Lake Geneva and the Alps.

1½ This light, hour-long stroll over shallow ground leads the visitor to the striking places of this long story, with Lake Murten and the Broye countryside as a background. In this way you can discover the Kanton area by area, choose the places you want to see on a scheduled itinerary and quickly get an impression of what a city has to show you.

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