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That's right, it's time to explore French youth literature! When someone gives you a funny look for re-reading romance novels in French, you can say: "I'm learning! As an advanced student, how to unleash the power of French novels. I am a college freshman learning French and I have the opportunity to start a French book club for my campus.

Series of 10 Young Adult Book Series for advanced French bookworms

What is the next step after you finish your basic French read? The same thing as when you went beyond ABC and English narrative times. That'?s right, it is certainly a good season to study French literature for young people! If you are a novice, you have probably found the right materials in comic books and children's books. There' are many advanced readers, but few provide such a soothing, relaxing and steady passage as your YA paper clips.

There' s nothing too much to see here, and you can even find translation of your favorite teenagers. Also, many YA-romances are in a serial form, which is very beneficial for the students. Adolescent programming is easy, fun and habit-forming. When you want to speak fluently, it is one of the best ways to step up your foot and dig your nostrils into a textbook.

It is part of an immersive experience, one of the best ways to acquire words and master the English culture. If you are enthusiastic about a really long run, you have completed your French interims. So, let's get you started with a show and master French like les ados français (French teenagers)!

You have just learned that children's books are too simple for you and you are up for a challange! Forwards and upwards, get a translation of one of your favourite books from your youth. In this way you already know the character, the general story and that you will like the game.

That gives you more thinking capacity to focus on mastering unknown times and words. When you have an e-reader, not only is it simpler to get French language tracks, but you can also use equipment like the Kindle to look up words you don't know directly on the machine.

In this way you don't have to carry a French version of the fifth Harry Potter manual AND a lexicon at the same times. Whilst you can do this in a normal old manual, e-readers make it simple to look up your memos later. The French language has certain times that are used only in the bibliography.

However, before you begin to moan and give up, keep in mind that all you need to know to be able to read is how to recognise the diction. One of the most frequent of French literature, the past is simply the most frequent and is used in the same way as the ideal form of speaking French. These are two other forms of literature that can confuse you at first sight.

The past was perfectly and the past anteriorly translated into English as "I had been", "I had seen", "I had sneezed", etc.. When you dare to read the French interims, you should already know the subject (or be about to master it). So, if someone in the past is writing a textbook with written times and the conjunctive is needed, the incomplete conjunctive is the form of time he will use.

However, if one of these days you intend to write French language books, you should definitely do so! It makes you think you're cleverer when you study new forms of tense, doesn't it? French translation of books and serials such as "Harry Potter", "The Hunger Games", "Divergent" or John Green Romane are readily available.

Translating fiction from German into French is particularly appreciated by young people. We' ll begin with some translation and move on to some French books. All in this set is equally furious and comical. This is a serial of 13 books (this unfortunate number is no mistake), it follows the Baudelaire children as they are persecuted and continually endangered by the infamous Count Olaf.

But if you haven't seen the show in English, you'll still be able to understand the plot lines. Joke, pun, puzzle and mini-vocabulary are well translated into French. Rereading these books in French is a good basis for Netflix' TV serial adaption for old people. Dystopia and unlikely characters are widespread in young adults' literature, mainly because it is enjoyable to study about them.

Initially penned as a triology, then extended, this is about a futurist company in which everyone 16 years old gets cosmetic surgeries to become cute. This is another show for you if you're a big fans of books like "The Hunger Games" or "Divergent", in which an unlikely heroine goes against the grain. It' s the first time you've read a book on the subject.

The 4 books are available in French. Not only is the proficiency of the course enough to keep your eye on the ball, it is also ideal for advanced students who have already got a little soaked. Well-known in the English-speaking countries as "Young Wizards", the books contain 10 books. First one was initially published in the 1980s and the 10th is scheduled for 2016.

Although the books can be tedious, they also turn out to be a fast reader in French. When you make it through all 9 (then 10), you are sure to evolve the literacy abilities "magically" to move on to a more challenging walk. The" À la crisée des mondes" is ideal for advanced reader who want to immerse themselves in something with complicated topics and classic hint.

Posted at 9-18 years of age (but enjoyable for all ages!), it's great to be able to write in French, because of its easily understandable puzzles and deep thoughts (we can deal with them in French, right?). La Stratégie Ender" is a classical adaptation of sci-fi and dystopic novel from English into French, no matter what languages you use.

Although "La Stratégie Ender" is the most loved song, there are three episodes, just in case you're under a spell. Many French writers come to my mind: The Jules Verne set of so-called exceptional adventure is a compilation of 54 books. Fortunately, you don't have to see all 54, but maybe you just select the ones that interest you.

One of the most loved songs are: Make sure you try to understand them all in their native French language formats. Apparently you'll be learning all the mysteries of the cosmos... and French. He is a fifth grader and although the books are intended for this era, this French edition is the ideal intro for Daniel Pennac.

We' ve already mentioned some sci-fi and phantasy, but for those of you who are looking for a totally fantastic immersion experience, these books from Quebec will keep you on your toes. In the first installment, "Les Chevaliers d'Émeraude", there are 12 books, followed by "Les Héritiers d'Enkidiev", which currently has 11 rates.

The books are full of faeries, elfs, wars between humans and deities, warriors, sorcerers and sorcery. Basically everything a French fan of fantasies needs. It' a long way, but the beauty of a show is that when you get into the second or third volume, you're in the rythm of the storyline, the character and the cadenza.

This is the ideal read for advanced readers and serves as an introduction to some of Margaret Papillon's other books. Readers' tip: You may have noted that many of these books are listet as Tome I, Tome II, etc. "Saying "Tome I" in French is like "Book One" in English.

Perhaps you have already tired out the French translation of John Green's stories about young people. It' originated in this French novel. This novel will flood the novels a little kitschy as they broaden their knowledge of French to deal with "Madame Bovary". "It' not part of a show, but has YA fairy tale appetite and could make you want to see more of Marc Levy's books.

So you' re looking at quite a readinglist! Combinate a few of these books with some speech and hearing exercises and you will be fluent on your own amazing adventures. Enjoy French on-line!

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