French Southern and Antarctic Lands

South and Antarctic regions of France

From A to Z animal lists by location (continent/country/ocean) not specified, "French Southern and Antarctic Countries", in: German, English, French, Southern and Antarctic countries, Wikipedia. Weather and wind forecast map French Southern and Antarctic countries for kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing and sailing. A list of ports, harbours and coastal towns that indicate the tides of the French Southern and Antarctic regions. Here you will find links to French newspapers and news media from the South and Antarctica.

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South and Antarctic French territories, sometimes also known as the French Southern Territories (in this case excluding Adelie Land, the Antarctic part), consist of several southern Indian Ocean island and parts of Antarctica. The French name of this part of the earth is Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises, or TAAF for short.

TAAF's website contains a lot of information about these archipelago. TAAF is headquartered on the Reunion Island. The Bassas da India and Europa Island are situated on the southwestern side of the Madagascar Canal between Madagascar and the African continent. The Glorioso Isles are situated northeast of Madagascar.

Kerguelen, Crozet, Saint Paul and Amsterdam are on board an island about 3,500 kilometers SE of Madagascar and Reunion. The Adelie Land is like a slice of cake that constricts towards the geographic southern pole just South of Australia. It is situated on Kerguelen and has about 60-120 people.

Because of the fact that the island and territory are in different parts, the climatic conditions are as varied as one could wish for. Madagascar and Mauritius have a typically warm and moist temperate and rainy time. You can find further information under Mauritius, Madagascar or Comoros.

Southern Indian Ocean islets are much cooler with generally cooler, windier and wetter weathershapes. The temperature seldom reaches 18°C, with the Saint Paul and Amsterdam islets being the warmer. The same is true for Adelie Land in Antarctica, but in a much more adverse weather, with temperature below -40 degrees Celsius or more and sometimes very winds.

You can only reach the southern Indian Ocean and Antarctic Ocean island by ferry. Marion Dufresne goes 4x a year from Reunion to the Kerguelen, Crozet, Saint Paul and Amsterdam isles. The Adelie Land is served by the "Astrolabe", which departs from Hobart in Tasmania.

A number of organizations also specialise in Antarctic travel. It is more difficile to get to the other archipelagoes, although they have runways.

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