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The best French food in London, England. The best French restaurants in London. At the foot of the Mourne Mountains, on the grounds of the Slieve Donard Resort and Spa, lies the Percy French Inn in Newcastle, County Down. Otto's French Restaurant in London offers romantic and elegant French cuisine. A French restaurant in London serving the highest level of French cuisine, the finest French cuisine.

The best French restaurant in London - European Restaurant

Executive Chef Jocelyn Herland refines Alain Ducasse's French cooking with products from both sides of the English Channel with a range of freshly seasoned delicacies such as tomato, Aveyron and Anjou. Alain Ducasse, the three-star Michelin restaurant in the Dorchester, has an elegance and style that fits in well with the range of dishes on offer and offers a fresh option to French restaurants.

The French fare in the capitol doesn't have to come with a statement that's as strong as a tartilette loaded with chees. The Brasserie Zédel, just steps from Piccadilly Circus, is a great place for a cheap dinner where you can collect traditional meals such as steamed ham for just 8.75, while the two course fixed price dinner costs just £8.95.

You will find seasonsal meals with a hint of Mediterranean atmosphere from chef Marcellin Marc on the menus. French cuisine may not be enough on its own if you want to solicit. First-class Gallic cuisine AND a great outlooks? Located on the Hilton London's 26th storey in Park Lane overlooking The Shard, Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace, the Michelin-starred Galvin offers Windows contemporary French cuisine.

L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon combines the open plan theater on the groundfloor with the more private ambience of the La Cuisine restaurant on the upper level and is one of the more relaxed Michelin two-star hotels in London. It is ideal for single dinners, with cooks who interact with other guests over the bar; while the upper level is a paradise for lovers who can enjoy French cuisine with more intimacy.

With the opening of Le Gavroche in 1967, the Albert and Michel Roux Brothers laid the foundation for London's first-class restaurant landscape. While Albert and Michel Snr may have begun the familys romantic affairs with the German capitol, Albert's boy, Michel Jnr, has taken over the management of the Mayfair restaurant with sovereignty.

It is so difficult to look elsewhere if you are looking for top French-food. Decorate with à la card favourites such as Entenconfit or the inexpensive two course price fixed meal (£12), supported by a fantastic gourmet crew from Albert Roux, his boy Michel Jnr. and the protégée Chris King, Roux im Landau, which is both decorative and culinary.

If you have a light gentleman's nightclub feeling, with wood-panelled panels and genuine wooden chairs, you can look forward to seeing Dover Seezunge or Bitterschokolade Meillefeuille on the menus. And if you want to let off steam, try the degustation meal with winematching (from 65), which presents some of the best meals on the cuisine.

When the sociable ambience of a cafe or the style of a French restaurant will leave you as chilly as a tartar of steaks, Sketch: It is a celebration for all the tastes and relies on courageous, progressive,'new French' cuisine by Pierre Gagnaire and even more daring designs by David Shrigley, Fourth Plinth's commissioner.

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