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The French Newspaper

You want to learn French with the news? A list of French national newspapers, regional newspapers and top news sites currently published. The Ouest France is a prestigious newspaper available in Brittany and is known as "Grand Ouest" (Western France, not only in Brittany). Compared to the British, the French are not great readers of daily newspapers. The following is a list of the most important newspaper publishers.

eighteen French newspapers to enhance your literacy abilities.

When I was a child, I was intrigued by grown-ups who read the papers. When you read it, you will know most French papers and the main distinctions between them. Established at the request of Charles de Gaulle at the end of the Second Woridewar, Le Monde is one of the most widely read French papers and the most easily found outside France.

Regarded as the establishment's newspaper, it takes a centre-left position, making it the next French counterpart to the New York Times and the Guardian. The magazine reports on recent French affairs, global affairs, economics, political and cultural affairs. The newspaper Le Figaro, established in 1846, is the oldest French newspaper still printed and one of the oldest in the run.

Le Figaro is regarded as the equivalence of traditional papers such as the Wall Street Journal or the Times. Today, this newspaper is regarded as a centre-left, although it stands much more on the lefthand side than, for example, Le Monde. Established in 1942 as a newspaper of French resistance, Le Parisien is devoted to the Paris area, but also has a French version named Aujourd'hui en France (today in France).

It is the best newspaper if you are interested in Parisian messages and happenings. The Mediapart website was designed in 2008 by the former editor-in-chief of Le Monde. In contrast to most French papers, their revenues come exclusively from subscriptions in order to ensure their autonomy. The name of Le Carlo Enchainé means verbatim "the tied duck" and alludes to " Carlo Campo ", the French expression for "newspaper".

She is a regular investigator of economic and social scandal and draws strongly on the interplay of words and culture, which makes it particularly difficult for French students to grasp. Newspaper satire with regular controversial cartoon and article series. Unfortunately, the newspaper was the subject of a 2015 terrorism and has no certainty as to its outlook.

The Diplomatique is a left-wing newspaper in 26 different tongues. The book contains detailed essays on topical issues, policy and cultural issues. Although its mother corporation is the newspaper Le Monde, Le Monde Diplomatique is fully editorially independent and is known for its aversion to the capitalist system. The Echos is a financials paper with a libertarian attitude that makes it the counterpart of the Financials Times and the Wall Street Journal.

The newspaper l'Équipe, produced during the Tour de France, is the best-known French sport newspaper. Established in 1904 as a newspaper of the French Communist Party, L'Humanité is now an autonomous left-wing newspaper. The Croix is a newspaper devoted to global affairs, business and the arts. It is a free newspaper available in France, but also in most of Europe, the USA and Canada.

L'Express is a right-wing week-long journal focusing on business, politics and global affairs. Marianne was established in 1997 and is a center-left newsmagazine. His name is related to Marianne, the French Republic's official emblem. The Gorafi is the French counterpart to The Onion, the ideal message site to unwind and have a good time while you improve your French literacy abilities.

It is said that the name "Gorafi" is a dyslexical translation of the name of the French newspaper Le Figaro. You will find many commentaries from those who don't know they read a newspaper. It can be difficult to read French papers in French, but don't be afraid, I have you under control. You can find bi-lingual editions or in-depth descriptions of most or all of their contributions on the following message sites and podcasts.

Cafebabel was launched in 2011 by ERASMUS programme and is a message website by young Europeans for young Europeans. The majority of our products are available in French, English, Polish, English, Italian, Polish and Andalusian. The VoxEurop is another one of Europe's magazines, available in 10 different tongues, among them French. It has translated essays from large French and Bulgarian papers such as Le Monde, Le Figaro and Libération.

It is a good way for you to browse a range of French newspaper reports with multilingual translation. Slow French will be a blog devoted to the latest developments. Le journal en französçais Facile was launched by French broadcasting station France's most important station, and is a programme about global affairs in which two reporters talk in "light" French.

Are you looking for more reader resource? Childrens magazines are an ideal option for French students, as they use a basic English and often provide more detailed explanations of terms than conventional magazines. You' re a French newspaper reader? And if so, please join 22,686 astonishing French students who get free French classes and study advice each week and get the free e-mail course: 4 guidelines to obey if you want to be fluent in French!

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