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Myanmar landed on Facebook Free Basics

Myanma Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) has begun to offer Facebook's Free Basics, a public telecommunications provider designed to link the disconnected with the basic world wide web, which has caused controversies in neighboring India. As of today, all MPT's Swe Thahar plans will allow free surfing on Free Basics and a second Facebook Flex feature, according to a news article.

It is the first of these services that allows free access to a range of social networking websites related to things like healthcare, training and work. In the second session you can toggle between the free session, where the user can write, annotate, "like" and talk but cannot see images or video according to MPT.

As the free web appeals to many people, Facebook's efforts to evangelize the Free Bases have provoked a mixture of responses, especially in India. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of giant The Times of India, said in an editor's report that criticisms have erroneously argued that the site does not respectfully support network impartiality and can turn the web into a "walled garden" - a place where information accessibility can be controlled and limited.

However, as in India - where the services are no longer available - there are also reservations about the start of the programme in Myanmar. Myanmar ICT for Development Organisation's Ma Htaike Htaike Aung said there are advantages and disadvantages. It noted that the agreement's openness is important, as is the assurance that the alliance will not prevent other telecoms from bringing free basics to market.

You can count on Facebook in Myanmar. In the past year, the number of Facebook visitors in the county was put at 6 million, as the Myanmar Times has already announced. Myanmar now has 9.5 million Facebook activists, according to the director of the Amara Digital Marketing Agency, Ma Chan Myae Khine.

Recent years have been volatile for Myanmar's telecom industry. Whilst actual breakthroughs are much lower, it is expected to be 45 per cent at the beginning of the year, but more than ever before there will be broadband connections. However, Facebook says it wants to drive the connection even further. "We are hoping to get more Myanmar's citizens on line by lowering the barriers to affordable living and awareness," said Markku Makelainen, Facebook's Executive Vice President of Operators' Partnership, in a declaration.

In Myanmar, Ma Htaike Htaike Aung said it would be good if Facebook could get Free Basics customers on the "normal Internet", as the firm claims, with half of Indian people. "While we promote the liberty of the web, we are also conscious of the countrys contexts and uniqueness - so perhaps it is not a wise move for us to ask Myanmar's regulators to completely prohibit the use of the system, as has been done in India," she said.

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