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The number one newspaper application! Browse all your British newspapers online in one app. Trial it free for two weeks and then choose a subscription. What are the other newspaper applications under Windows? NB: Circulation figures without free titles London.


Guardian provides you with the latest headlines and full acces to all of our award-winning journalists. Encourage free media by upgrade to the top level - the most worthwhile way to see The Guardian. The free application allows you to: You can break new ground with the top-of-the-range animal to discover the kind of magazine you love:

It' a completely free application.

Jump-starting hybrid'digital newspaper' application for a one-of-a-kind literacy event

  • The free'digital newspaper': Nicely crafted and edited issues that are regularly refreshed at least three days a week from Monday to Friday in a free, hands-on environment - plus two issues per weekend . This free downloadable application allows the reader to browse the pages and paragraphs from beginning to end and tap on the article to view the full story.

Direct registration gives free press alerts on current issues and notices. It can also be downloaded exactly as it will appear in the press, complete with award-winning inserts - such as Radar and Traveller - from last year. A free evaluation version of the application is available for 2.99 per weeks, 12.99 per months or 159.99 per year, which is an exciting way to make the printed version available to the brand's fast paced worldwide subscription population.

Free launch of Free application for iPads at Free Marketplace

Today the Daily Mirror makes its newspaper available to British readership free of cost on the iPad - the first large Fleet Street newspaper to do so. You can now download a free, accurate copy that you can flip through like a genuine book. It will give foreign readership worldwide direct readership exposure to all the Mirror's newspapers and inserts, such as The Sunday Mirror, Celebs on Sunday Magazines and Holidays and Getaways.

Simon Fox, recently named head of the newspaper, welcomed him as an important date in the newspaper story. Lloyd Embley, Chefredakteur des Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror und The People, sagte : "That' s all you want from a mirror and more. "There are unbelievable changes in the way the newspaper works, and it is up to the newspaper to keep up with these changes and provide messages in the formats our reader wants.

"Last year the UK tablets were up 300%, with about 2.8% of the UK public now holding one. In addition, there is the Android and by 2016 we expect to achieve overall revenues of 350 million tablets. With Wi-Fi or 3G, the mirror will download over night so you can instantly view it when you get up.

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