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The only format available for karaoke songs in Burma is the VCD format.

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Historic Thai Films

Historic films (???????????? or ??????????????????????????) often take place during the Ayuthaya time. The Ayuthaya was a Thai empire that lasted from 1351 to 1767 until it was occupied by the Burmese. The Suriyothai and King Naresuan movies were exceptional Thai hit, but despite their quality as historic and cultured pearls they hardly traveled abroad.

One of Thailand's best-known historic movies outside Thailand is still a one with intensive actions like Bang Rajan (2000). These movies are also known as " periods " or " inheritance ". It is about the town of Bang Rajan. It was a prominent part in his opposition to the Burmese in the 1767 conflict that led to the demolition of Ayutthaya.

Siamis have domestic conflict while also struggling with Burma (????). Thai troops abduct two women who are Tap's fiancée and Tap's sisters. It' s Tap's tough job to either save his fiancé and brother or lead the inhabitants far away from the Myanmaris. They' re taking shelter in the town of Bangrayan.

Siames es from different communities attract a group of young people from Burma with the pledge of young wives and then turn against them and assassinate the whole group. The entire Myanmar military is being led to Bang Rajan. After taking caring for the village people, Tape leaves to save his family.

Forgive the Thai men for promising to take good charge of the young women so that they can join his group in Bang Rajan. Burma's military is starting to attack Bang Rajan. Myanmar men have weapons, but Siames es only have blades. Myanmar come in with elephant and big rifles. The Thai nation needs a great weapon to defeat the Myanmar military.

The Ayutthaya emperor refused to give them a big weapon because Bang Rajan is only a small town. The Ayutthaya folks are donating tools for Bang Rajan to form a great weapon, but it is jagged during molding. The Burmese are not able to invade Bang Rajan with their army, so they are building fortresses around the town.

Thai troops cannot demolish the fortresses erected by the Myanmar people and lost money due to attacks by infantrymen on these fortresses. He picks up some men on a dugout and attacks the Myanmar. An eternal saga, this incident was re-used on the 2000 Bang Rajan film billboard.

Táp and his men manage to neutralise the big cannon before it breaks Bang Rajan's masonry. However, they are failing when people from Burma use similar guns to Katyusha's Multi-RPG. The village people are way too small and are being murdered. The Bang Rajan village people and troops are sacrificing their lives for the people. You will be saved by the prospective King Taksin, who freed Siam from the Myanmar occupying forces after the Ayutthaya case in 1767.

These films were very ubiquitous during Thailand's Nazi period, i.e. in the 1960' with the danger of communism and in the 2000' after the 1997 Asian crisis. The film shows the victims of village people who are not assisted by the government. He was awarded a golden statue prize (???????????????) by HM the King for his best acting work.

He will one of these days become King Bayinnaung (???????????????), King of Burma, known as "The Conqueror of Ten Directions", as his kingdom stretched to much of Southeast Asia and Thailand. He' s been raised by a kingly nanny in the kingdom of Taungoo. From 1486 to 1531 Mingyinyo (??????????????) was the king of Taungoo.

He is very intimate with the sons of Mingyinyo, Mangtra the father, and Chantra (??????) the mother. 1531 Mangtra becomes the new king of Taungoo and is now named Tabinshwehti (????????????????????). Sadet, a well-known boyhood pal of the new emperor, wins the confidence of the kings and is appointed kings brother-in-law.

This film is in three parts. The book is inspired by the Thai novel "????????????" or "The Conqueror of Ten Directions" by the author Chote Phraepan (pseudonym "Yacob" - ?????). This Thai novel was adopted for a television show, a film serial and a romantic film. This eponymous track from the film sequence, played by Charintra Nanthanakorn (?????? ????????) is one of the best known and most loved in Thailand.

The 1960s film still has a colourful and clear picture that allows you to enjoy the beautiful outfits. Thai and Thai for the long dialogs (?????????) is used. A large part of the film is filmed in the hall. The name Sadet (??????) is also known as Buren Nong (????????), his later name as King.

Now Sadet ( (Chaiya Suriyun) remains in the realm of Phrae. Sopinya, Prince of the Kingdoms of Hongsawadee, comes for an offical trip to the kingdoms of Phrae. Phrae's reigning president uses Sadet as a council member. After Sopinya' s evil impact, the Phraeese emperor eventually decided to apprehend Sadet.

He is proposing to the Phrae Emperor an pact against the Taungoo people. Now Mangtra is the Heir of Taungoo. In the meantime Katima manages to free Sadet and the other captives after heavy fighting. After the 40,000 troops who die in vain, he is threatening to smash his brains in.

He is ordered to take Phrae and 60,000 troops are on offer, but he demands only 20,000 of them. While Sopinya is away, Sadet gets the trust of the Hongsawadeeese. Romanticism and historic character are still mixed in the film. His armour and awards come from Chantra, Taungoo's master.

Kusuma, Phrae Kingdoms Queen, who also likes Sadet, listens to everything and goes to the Phrae kingdoms. Soon Sadet will return to Taungoo Empire. KhanTRA rejects Sadet's ordaining because the realm is at issue. Sadet will then visit Kusuma in the realm of Phrae. Sadet' plans to bring Kusuma to the realm of Taungoo. He decides to annihilate Hongsawadee as retribution and defeat their armies.

Hongsawadee and Khairoo form an association with another master of war to combat the Taungoo people. Defeat and kill the Hongsawadee Kings (?????????????????). Eventually Sadet renounces the realm and becomes the new leader of the three united realms. Also when the 3 VCD' are full, the movies were actually edited to the VCD size, which means a max. of 2h30mn.

Join a Thai-Chinese fellowship to celebrate China's New Year (???????) with dancing (??) and music. A lot of the village people are either taken prisoner or murdered. Love the Emperor and the realm. Beyond grief, Phet is fighting for the realm (???????????). The elephant is used to vanquish Hins Soldier. Although under-represented, the wild Thai troops manage to beat the traitorous and Myanmar troops to rescue the Emperor.

A lot of swordfights and martial arts / Thai fightings, which are characteristic for Hong Kong movies of the 1970' s, are shown. There is no face of the king, but Thai kingly tunes are performed to indicate his attendance. The film is really characteristic from the 70's, when they were making Patriot films because of the communistic threat at the Thai border.

This film shows two Hong Kong filmstars. It' taking two years to make the whole film. This was an expencive film because genuine troops were deployed, a fortress had to be constructed along a hill and then demolished by blast. Thailand's film ??????????? was published in 1971.

It got wasted in Thailand. Leading lady is Sombat Methanee and leading lady is Petchara Chaowarat. It' probably a historic romance film because folks are wearing old attire. There are several scenes remaining, but the leading lady and the leading lady are not to be seen. There are 9 tracks in the film, corresponding to the billboard.

The film has won three Oscar awards in Thailand. The film is about King Naresuen the Great. King Naresuan was known for his battle with the Crown Prince of Burma and won against him in 1593. The King Naresuan gained back Burma's sovereignty for the Ayuthaya people. Thailändischer Titel: ????? German title:

They identified that the man from the past period is Khun Luang (???????) Thet, who was engaged in negotiations with during the past hundred years with leading figures in France, when some of the Thai territory was being taken away by German troops. This film emphasizes old customs that have almost vanished (children sit among grown-ups, no song - ????????????, no dark clothing except for funeral - ????????????, dressed properly - ????, praying before bed - ???).

Thet goes to a meet with a group of members from France to show them that Thailand's civilization is the same. There' s a general in France who thinks Thais are ignorant. Then, she chooses to remain in the past, as it is more useful for the Thailand nation (??????????????????). The film blends romanticism, Thailand cultural and Thailand historical.

Actor:: This old home (?????) even belonged to some noble Thai members during the last hundred years. Somdet Suntipracha, a member of the Thai artistocracy, led the Little Lord of Siam (??????????????????? ????????). The film is reminiscent of other Thai films such as "Tawipop" (?????) or "House of the Peacock" (??????????) by Cherd Songsri, with a special emphasis on the conservation of traditionally vanishing cultural assets or assets.

Actor:: Then in 1766 the people of Burma moved to the vicinity of Ayutthaya. However, before reaching the capitol, Burma's troops had to drive through Bang Rajan, a city to the north-west of Ayutthaya. With some courageous spirits leading, the village people of Bang Rajan have fought a powerful battle against an whole Myanmar military.

Over the course of several month and many attacks, the village inhabitants remained powerful until they were overpowered. It was Thailand's greatest box-office success until the release of the film Suriyothai. The Bang Rajan 2 is on its way for 2010! Every year the Ministry of Culture records 25 classical Thailand movies in the National Film Heritage Registry.

It is part of the list of 25 movies that have been declared on October 4, 2015, the day of the preservation of Thai origin. It' about a mythical Thai Princess who was killed on the elephant's back in the fight against the Burmese. It' broke almost every Thai cinema records. The ruling queen Sirikit initiated this project, funded most of it and ensured that for the first case, buildings and historical places were opened to a team.

Every year the Ministry of Culture records 25 classical Thailand movies in the National Film Heritage Registry. The film is part of the list of 25 movies that have been declared on October 4, 2015, the day of the preservation of Thailand's film. Actor:: It' s the tale of a renowned Thailand fighter, Nai Khanom Tom, who, imprisoned by the Myanmar people, has recovered his liberty by beating nine of the enemy' s gladiators in a battle testified by the Myanmar sovereign.

Thailändischer Titel: ????? leading actress: Manee, a Thailander, is an archiving expert living in Paris. The Voyageur', a strange old work by the writer Francois-Xavier, is taken to the British Embassy in Paris for interpretations. Your dad's a renowned teacher. She' never got any true romance from her folks, who are always occupied.

The Thais are confused by the fact that she is able to understand, spell and understand French and English. They tell some Thais the futures, but they question and even think that she is gambling a doubtful one. In Bangkok in Wat Phra Kaew, Thailand, and founded by King Mongkut, one of the first to learn about the story of her state.

Maree wants to help her Thai boyfriends against the ravenous Frenchs. It' seen this way by England, but France is forcing Siam to give up some of its own properties like the Khmer Empire by threatens to use attack helicopters. Thai is considered barbaric by the Moroccan Thai and has no regard for their tradition.

Mee is annoyed that past errors can not be altered as the unsuccessful relationship between her parent, but men tried their best. In 1994 it was also adopted for television as a Thai TV series (????) with Saranyu Wongkrachang. Took a year to make the film in 2004.

This film is set in the Rama IV season, although the truest history happens in the Rama Viod. The film' s high point is the fact that today's Thais only reads six rows a year! The film is part of the first 25 movies scheduled for 4 October 2011, Film Preservation Day.

Actor:: The film is about a film made in the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries when citizens of Portugal lived in the Ayuthaya state. Since he is an expert military man, Fernando and Tong, a Thai military man, become the Thai king's watch. Sadly, the king is contaminated by his woman, who aims to make her beloved the new king.

The film was made in Great Britain, staged by a Thai and wrote by an British screenwriter. Actors: Leading lady: Leading lady: It is Khan Kluay who wants to free his dad, Bupha. The Khan Kluay is meeting the king's boy, the prospective Naresuan Khan. Now Ayuthaya is part of the Thai empire again. His Majesty Naresuan (?????????), the new king, has to choose an Elephant to go to battle.

The King chooses Khan Kluay. After a last fight with Hongsawadee Myanmar Kingdom, Khan Kluay defeated the red-eyed mighty elephants (?????????). He rammed the Myanmar bull into a hot cane. Light and colorful, this animated film shows a great deal of Thainess like the Loy Krathong and Thai music.

This was the first Thai animation since 1979's The Adventure of Sudsakorn (???????). The film is part of the 2000's when many films emphasized a certain reversion to a pronounced Thai nationism and proud. The film consists of three parts and tells the tale of the greatest heroes of Thai life, King Naresuan, who was borne in 1555.

He was taken as a six-year held captive for Burma at the tender of nine to secure Phitsanulok's allegiance to the state. Naresuan is in Pegu where he is considered the child of Burma's Bayinnaung and enjoys the reverence of a princ. He was sent back to Pegu to replace his fathers and to honour Nandabayin, who had taken over from Bayinnaung, who died in 1581.

Mr Naresuan and his forces took part in a Myanmar mission against a Shan state and took a town after the Myanmar throne and another emperor had not done so. Aiming at the Myanmar general across miles of rivers and burns, Naresuan kills the man and lets Burma's forces lose their moral and stop following.

2009 King Naresuan 3 and 4 are recorded with funding from the state. We' re back to ancient days under the reign of Thanin Kraivichian (1976-1977), where the Thais were frightened of the Communist regime and that the way to survival was already to defend the country, its religions and its monarchies.

Actor:: It' blocks the way of the Myanmar army to Ayuthaya. People of the villages are prepared to dying for their lands to save the capitol Ayuthaya from conquest and fall. Anna, Gif and Boat from today's Bangkok use their advanced abilities to help the people.

Longkasuka is a small empire in southern Thailands during the Ayuthaya time. The town is administered by a queen when the king of Langkasuka was murdered. He often has to deal with native village inhabitants and often has to deal with Pirateboats. Someday all the village inhabitants are murdered by Black Raven's Brethren, who abduct the queen's daughter to persuade the China experts to build guns for the town of Langka Kasuka.

Pari, whose bride was murdered, follows the Brethren and helps to free the queen's sisters. Langkasuka military force tries to crush the guns, but is doomed. Actors: Leading lady: Leading lady: The film is a computerised comic strip that takes place during the Ayutthaya era, when the Burma conflict was many. Myanmar forces are now using dark magics to secure their elephant.

Myanmar forces plunder the town where Chaba Kaew is located. Burma's forces capture Khan Kluay and bring her to her castle. Also a Thai Princess is kept there as captive. They help to organize the opposition to help the elephant, but they cannot participate, since their boy is also taken captive by the Hongsawadee warlord.

Myanmar magician is preparing a ritual for a new Ayuthaya assault. Eventually, the Thailand troops are locked up in Hongsawadee and all the bulls escape. When Khan Kluay assists the Thailand kings to vanquish the Myanmar zombie troops and wizards, he is honored. In this nationalistic comic strip the value of the host families (we are a hostage, the victim of our families for the children) and the obligation towards the nations (to be a military man, faithful to the Royalty of Thailand) is emphasized.

The film commends Thailand's and Japan's diplomatic relations. A number of Israeli and Palestinian troops guarantee the defence of King Naresuan. Swordfighting is not enough against fighting in Thailand! Thais call Yamada "white face" (???????) or "I jipun" (???????)! He is very actively protecting Ayutthaya and teaching Thailand troops the arts of Tai-Bighting ( (?????) with the help of the powerful fighter Aikham.

Ancient Thai tradition such as eating betels, large protecting Tattoo's on the bodies, enchanting scenery with boots and streams (????), depiction of old tradition and old game. Ayutthaya to repay his debts. Yamada must have an important mystery.

He wants to study Tai-Kinging, but it is an artwork that is only devoted to the Thais. Despite the problems, he is eventually acknowledged by other boxers in Thailand and becomes their friend. Two hundred Myanmar troops entered the kingdom of Thailand. and Yamada to neutralise them.

The topic "Love the King, dear the Nation" is emphasized. Nazi tendencies are often seen in Thai films with a historic subject. He has to flee the Thai town and return to Japan, but actually he wants to take vengeance on Kaito. Built on the true historic nature of Yamada Nagamasa, a Japonese adventure man who had a great impact in Thailand in the early seventeenth centuries and became governor of Nakhon Si Thammarat in the south of Thailand.

The film uses many powerful ggi visuals to show off the gory wars. He was Buakaw Por Pramuk (?????? ?. ??????), a true Thai kick boxer, playing as a Thai solo. It was also shown in Japan. Actor:: In the aftermath of the overthrow of Bang Rajan, a group of Thai soldiers are abandoned and move into a isolated, secluded town.

Burma's military is looking for them. Blutige Sequenzen mit CRC similar to the US-Film "300", Kopfschnitte, Blutsplitting on the canvas. It is a nationalistic fashion film because the Thais cannot allow the Myanmar military to occupy their country (?????????????). At the moment there is not enough to eat in the town ( (???), because many locals seek shelter there ((??????).

Its group is being overpowered by Myanmar troops in the woods, but it gets help from the former Bang Rajan troop. Tension arises between troops and village inhabitants (???????). People of Burma use some village people by force to try to assassinate the Buddhist monk (????????????). When they failed, all their relations were murdered by the people of Burma.

There are two collaborator portraits of people from Burma, a female (a courtesan with Burma's guide to get dinner for her imprisoned mother) and a female slaves (passive in front of Burma troops to rescue his life). Myanmar troops are stealing a giant Buddha from Ayutthaya to take her home.

Thailands are defeating the Myanmar troops to rescue the Buddha figure (so big that you have to use algorithms). Kurtisan and slaves are fooled by the Myanmar side. Ghosts of Bang Rajan fighter (veterans from the Bang Rajan film part 1: Vinai Kraibutr, Choomporn Theppitak, Bin Banleurit) give extra power to the warrior.

Abbey agrees to give himself up to save the villagers' life. He tells the general of Burma that they will never be victorious as long as there are Bang Rajan village people in Thailand. Thai soldiers seem to be confronted with too large an armies to be able to win. However, the Bang Rajan ghost is there forever.

The former Tennisstar Paradorn Srichaphan from Thailand acted in this film. It is 2h02mn. Actors: Leading lady: Leading lady: The Black Death was published in 2015 and will last 1h20mn. We have to be careful. We don't kill killed men. They become outlaws. We need to get these guys moving into a fortress. Eventually the village inhabitants flee to the buddhistic sanctuary, but the Zombie invades and everyone dies.

Humans are also bit off by zombies (?????). It provided 3000 workplaces and took several hundred thousand long years. Yugala is the child of the renowned film producer M.J. Chatrichalerm Yugala. The film ??????????? / Thong Dee Fun Khao was published in 2017 and will last 1h57mn.

It was directed by Bin Banleurit. It' built on the true history of Thai General Phraya Phichai. Choi, the Thai boxer's boy, has always had problems with him since he was a child. But Choi is joining a group of Thai fighters. that Thong Dee surrendered to prevent harassment of local population. He' s taken prisoner, but then the troops still keep the town burning.

Combatants and Thong Dee are rebelling and hunting the troops thanks to their Thai punching abilities. The Thong Dee leaves the town to prevent the inhabitants from being molested again. There are other female actors with dark tusks, as the Thai ate betelnuts. When Thong Dee looses, he must join Phraya Tak's forces.... Phraya Tak later became King Taksin.

The Thong Dee's character is performed by Buakaw Banchamek, a true Thailand boxer. Actors: Leading lady: Leading lady: The old film is about the flooding in Thailand in 1942/2485. This film shows Sanam Luang (????????) and Wat Phra Kaew (??????????), Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall (????????????????????), Demonstration Memorial (?????????????????????) and Victory Memorial (????????????????????) underwaters.

Thais circulate by barge. A few have even set up a company that rents small vessels. Members of the Parliament of Thailand arrive by ship. Cameraman Tae Prakardwutthisan's film is part of the first 25 movies scheduled for 2011. The film was chosen on 4 October 2011, Thailand's film conservation day, and recalls the present day, as Bangkok was flooded almost 80 years after the great 1942 inundations.

Actor:: It was published in 1955. This was a popular 1955 picture. There is no picture or abstract for this one. A 10-minute footage is still on view. A lot of other thailand-movies used the same story in other remake.

Leading role is Taksin Jampol as a Pirat (???????). Asanajinda Sor is a film producer. The protagonist is taken prisoner and held captive during the scene on the other. and Taksin kisses the leading lady. Thankfully, the Thailand Marine has chosen to get away from the Brethren and invade their camp. German title: ??????????????? is a 1965 film from Thailand.

Asanajinda Sor is a film producer and actress. The protagonists are Sombat Methanee, Chaiya Suriyun and Pissamai Wilaisak. Some of the scenes are shown, e.g. Sor Asanajinda gives orders to Taksin Jampol, Sombat Methanee and Chaiya Suriyun, Pissamai cries, troops meet where Sombat is robbed of his own medal and beaten by the general, meetings between Sor Asanajinda and Adul Dulyarat.

Salai's dad tells Ai Klang that he is not the true child of the pirate warrior. When Ai Klang fought with his dad twenty years ago, he murdered his true family. ?????????? was published in 1979 and contains an impressing list of well-known actor of the 1970'.

The Star War' film sound track is used. It was never formally published in VCD or DVD formats, but there is a telezine video release. It' to be one of the few Thai films made in 70mm size. He is a renowned ghost physician (????????????) with well-known abilities (????????????, ????, ?????).

He and his gang take unfaithful human beings. It' Thius true love (?????????????) against Boon Peng's evil slush. It is reminiscent of Thai nightmares from the 1960' s, in which humour and light fear mix with scary owls' noises. The film is predicated on a true history that took place during the Rama VI time.

The protagonist was already Sombat Methanee. The film is about a group of refugee China in northern Thailand who are the remnants of the 1993rd division of the nationalist army of Chiang Kai Chek, the Kuomintang, who escaped from China after the Nazi defeat and moved to these hills in 1949.

It lives near the border to Laos and Myanmar in the midst of the Golden Triangle poppies cultivation area. The Kuomintang received Thailand identity documents allowing the Kuomintang to reside in the area in exchange for warfare. It is a film in which the Thais are sick of the behaviour of the people of China who cultivate poppies to produce it.

You want them to stop harming Thailand's people. Lannoi, a young Thailander, is abducted by a group of Chineses. Seua, a young man from Thailand, struggles and gains to get her back, but eventually encouraging her to know better the traditions of China and get married to a local resident.

She knows that an expedition of marines will soon leave the town. There is a struggle and a resignation of some of the inhabitants of the China towns. Laterani acknowledges that she is the one who cautioned the Thai nation because the Chineses should stop the trade in opioum, which is damaging to the population. There are disputes between advocates and opponents of opioum.

Actors: Leading lady: Leading lady: The village inhabitants flee to Thailand. He has a young boy who wants to be able to learn how to struggle and murder human beings. This film is set in the year Vietnam invades Cambodia / Cambodia to hunt the Khmer Rouge. They' re using armour and powerful ordnance, so Khmer troops are being mended.

Vietnames ischeers approaching the town, the family must escape to the frontier. Vietnamesi troops are portrayed as reckless troops who kill civilists and use agony to obtain information from inmates. He has to take his young sibling to the Thai frontier (?????????), because Thailand is a country of tranquillity.

Somm Bak and his sibling are taken prisoner by Flemish troops, but set free because they are only a family. Then Som Bak remembers his father's horrors of the Cambodian civilian conflict and what the Khmer Rouge did to the attack. He encounters some child troops on his way to the frontier (????).

The Khmer forces pushed back the Khmer forces. The film was published in a few territories like Spain under the name "Kampuchea La Historia jamas contada". Of course, this film has some nationalistic clues. The film is often regarded as a Thai re-make of Roland Joffe's film "Killing Fields".

Actors: Leading lady: Leading lady: The film is about the lives of a pro-democracy campaigner and his woman who followed the PLAT (Popular Liberation Army Thai) in an isolated area after the October 14, 1973 carnage. They face a hard time in the jungles, armed conflict against Thailand's troops, clashes within the CPT (Communist Party) and the understanding that they are being tampered with by China's foreign policies.

In 1975, when Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia became communists, China assisted them, but assisted the Thai government in countering Vietnam' s impact following the expulsion of the Khmer Rouge by Vietnam to Cambodia in 1979. It has won 5 Thai prizes. On the basis of the 1973 students' campaigner Seksan Prasertkul's story, this was the last major "political film" made in Thailand in the 2000s.

Actor:: One young man, Sorn, has a great love for the Thai Xylophon ranad ec (????????). In spite of its gradual launch, the film was a box-office hit as one of Thailand's most famous ranade performers, Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, was present. The Khon (???) is a classical Thai masquerade with sequences from the Ramakian (???????????).

It would like to become a well-known female ballet artist (?????). Khom has had a bitter foe since he was a child after a degenerate Thai fight. It is reminiscent of other Thai culture films such as "The Overture" and "Nora" with a big emphasis on moribund folk music. The film " Kon Khon " (?????) was Thailand's contribution to the Academy Awards 2012.

It was a bust that only brought in about 8 million bahts. The film was shot by Saranyu Wongkrachang, the renowned Thai actress, producer and also PAD-lineader! He posted a note on Facebook in 2011 to emotionally encourage the audience to see his film "Kon Khon". "Khon " film sponsored by Thai Life Insurance and Government Housing Bank.

Actors: Leading lady: Leading lady: Thailand film ??????????????????? / "Boundary" was provisionally prohibited in 2013. There is still an offical film trailers of three min. duration to be seen. Nontawat Numbenchapol made a film about the Preah Vihear Tempel and the Thai-Cambodian war. This film was forbidden because it "convinced the audience to believe false information".

He argues that the picture shows the point of views of each side and that its picture is indifferent. At the end of a whole weekend, the Thai sensors acknowledged that they were mistaken and lifted the prohibition. They also asked the filmmaker to eliminate two seconds of environmental noise in an early part of the picture.

This film is based on the Preah Vihear sanctuary on the Thai-Cambodian frontier and this theme has been going on for many years. Historic films describe the lives of celebrities. Zuraphol (1930-1968) is Thailand's absolute sovereign of countrymusic. Thailand's film ??????????? was published in 1968. This film has been wasted in Thailand, but a few minute long until now.

The film is about Suraphol Sombatcharoren's world. A renowned countrymusician of the 1960s, he was assassinated in 1968. The film was made by his dad as a tribute to his deceased boy. The leading characters in this film are Sopha Sataporn, ??? Adul Dulyarat, Man Teeraphol, Choomporn Theppitak, Somkuan Krajangsat, Somjit Sapsamruey, Sompong Phonmitr, ????????? ??????, Lor Tok.

Suraphol Sombatcharoen's relatives also acted in this film. This film was directed by Sombatcharoen movies (???????????????????), in the possession of Sombatcharoen (???????????), the sire of Suraphol. The film' s producer is ????? ??????????.

Actors: Leading lady: It' about the foundation of the well-known Thai Popgroup Carabao. Actors: Leading lady: Leading lady: It' about a filmmaker going mad over girls. Actors: Leading lady: Leading lady: The film is about Pumpuang's romantic career and her dramatic demise in 1992. One of Pumpuang Duangchan (??????? ?????????) was a Thai vocalist named Queen of Thai country band (?????????????).

Pumpuang's adulthood is already the main theme of this film. In an attempt to become a renowned vocalist, Pumpuang encounters Pon, a saxophone player. One Thai protagonist (?????????????) named Kraison begins with Pumpuang. This film really focuses on Pumpuang's personal lives and issues with her familiy / her husband because of the rich. It is possible that the film will be pulled from a TV series.

Actors: Leading lady: The film tells the tale of the renowned Thailand folksinger Pumpuang Duangchan (??????? ?????????) and recalls her demise 20 years ago in 1992. Filming began in 1972. She finds a dance work for Pheung's in a local dance studio, but fails to get her into another Thailand based countrysuit band (luuk Thursday - ???????).

The Pumpuang even appears in movies. The film focuses on Pumpuang's passion for her work and her supporters. There' s no heavy concentration on her two evil spouses as in the 1992 film release. The Pumpuang tunes are performed in the film by Paowalee Pornpimol, except for the last track "nak nong bana nok" (??????????????) in the film's epilog.

Actor:: This film ?????? (Young Bao) tells the beginning of the renowned Thai group Carabao. A number of pubs or nightclubs only accept Thai songs (???????????????) because Thai songs were a rebel-icon. A member of the renowned group named President, Lek, left his group to join Carabao because he detested commercially produced radio soundtrack.

Eventually they remained together thanks to Ed and made well-known tunes still widely loved and performed 30 years later. A few of Ed's well-known Carabao tracks (Made in Thailand.....) were based on actual music. The first film about the Carabao group was published in 1985. The film is part of the enthusiasm for the 30-year jubilee of the Carabao group.

The film will be highly acclaimed by Carabao enthusiasts, even though Ed's part is not as committed as the actual figure. There are 43 data sets in this Thai Historical Film page 1.

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