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Buddhism, Politics and Political Thinking in Myanmar - Matthew J. Walton

It is the first volume to give a comprehensive view of how Buddhist beliefs have affected Myanmar's policy and thought. A number of these ideologies help to shed further light upon narrow or exclusive policy stimuli such as anti-Muslim Buddhism or the skepticism towards the capacity of the public to take part in policy.

It will be available to a broad audience and will stimulate further research and debates.

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Burmese Rohingya abuse can be a crime against humanitarianism, UN law enforcement is warning

GENF (4 October 2017) - The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Woman (CEDAW) and the Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) have urged the Myanmar government to stop the use of force in the north of Rakhine state immediately and to immediately and efficiently investigating and prosecuting cases of force fulcrum.

"We are particularly concerned about the plight of Rohingya woman and child victims of serious violation of fundamental freedoms, such as murder, rape and expulsion," the report said in a common declaration released today. Committees strongly encourage the civilian and military agencies of Myanmar to fully respect their commitments under the Child's Right and Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Woman and to deter, examine, punish and remedy the actions of individual persons or militia under their jurisdictions that are violating the prerogatives of womens and childrens freedoms.

In order to guarantee full accountability, the Committees call on the Government of Myanmar to allow full cooperation and entry into the fact-finding operation set up by the UN Human Rights Council so that it can carry out thorough and impartial inquiries. They also stressed that the state immigrants of Rohingya men and girls and their prolonged expulsion had left them vulnerable to a high level of extreme levels of extreme extreme poverty and undernourishment, restricting their right of entry to fundamental freedoms such as training, jobs and healthcare, and restricting their ego.

"We strongly encourage the Myanmar government, with the help of the multinational fellowship, to respond to the needs of Rohingya refugees who have been driven out of their homes and Rohingya refugees who live in neighboring country camps," the expert said. Committees call on the Government of Myanmar to provide full cooperation and to provide full and unrestricted funding to relief organisations.

The members of the CRC and the CEDAW are sovereign international personnel who act in their own capacities and not as agents of the States party.

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