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Formerly known as Shwe Ba, Aye Kyi was a celebrity Myanmar acting and directing star. The Thamada Lu Gyan movie group was formed by him and was producing famous German movies at the end of the 1940'. Aged seventeen, he began his carreer in the movie Let Net Pone. It was Shwe Ba whose birthplace was Pathein, Ayeyarwadi Division, on March 30, 1928, was the birthplace of Daw Kun and U Aung Myat, an artists.

Aye Kyi has been known for his character as Shwe Ba in Thati Byatti movie since 1944. He has had major business success with Zar Ti Thway, Pyan Lay Thi Nget Kher, Tine Kyaw, Sa Khan Aung Myay and Tay & Thway. In 1953 Shwe Ba and the actor Win Ni founded No Two Productions, but they can no longer allow themselves to make movies.

Thin Thin Thin Lae Shwe Ba got married on 8 Jun 1963. Death of Shwe Ba on December 1, 1988 at Yangon General Hospital at the age of 60 from a heart attack.

The Rohingya crisis: Satelite pictures of the baking town of Myanmar

Amnesty International has published a series of satellites showing an ÂȘorchestrated campaignÂș to incinerate Rohingya communities in the west of Myanmar. About 389,000 Rohingya have escaped to Bangladesh since the beginning of the war last months. In Myanmar, they have long been prosecuted as "illegal immigrants". The Rakhine state now has at least 30% of Rohingya settlements empty, the administration says.

They' ve been living in the state of Myanmar for generation after generation, also known as Burma, but they are refused nationality. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Thursday that Myanmar's democratic system was about to take a "decisive step". "UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the previous morning that the Rohingya were faced with a disastrous human rights problem and that attacking the village people was inacceptable.

There is new proof on the basis of fire identification information, satelite images, photographs and video as well as eyewitness testimonies of "an orchestrated campaign of systemic burns" directed against Rohingya communities for almost three wards. "Proofs are undeniable - Myanmar's Myanmar police are burning down North Rakhine State to expel the Rohingya from Myanmar.

Do not make a mistake: this is ethnical cleansing," said Tirana Hassan, the group's head of rapid-reaction. The Amnesty said the peacekeepers would be surrounding a town, shooting refugees, burning down their homes and calling the actions "crimes against the human race". She said she had discovered at least 80 large fire in populated areas since August 25 after the rebels of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (Arsa) attacked policemen.

They said they had also obtained reliable accounts from Rohingya fighters who burned houses of Buddhist Rakhine but were not able to check them. Zaw Htay, spokesperson for the administration, has called on the refugees to find shelter in provisional refugee camp in Rakhine state, but said Myanmar will not be able to allow all those who have escaped to Bangladesh to retur.

"Buddhist believers in rakine ethics are our tribal peoples who have lived there since the times of their ancestors," he said. According to the administration, 176 Rohingya settlements, more than 30% of the entire population in the north of the state, are now empty. The amnesty story was preceeded by accounts of horrors, testifying to the escape from Rohingya and the participation of the police in the destruction of their communities.

Whereas almost 400,000 Rohingya have escaped in the present economic downturn, the UN has already taken in several hundred thousand indocumented Rohingya who had escaped from previous terror. The other Rohingya live in refugee camps in Myanmar. And the Rohingya? Myanmar has been home to at least one million members of the Rohingya tribe, most of whom are Muslims, some of whom are Hindus.

It is believed that they originated in present-day Bangladesh and in the state of West Bengal in India, but many have been present in Myanmar for hundreds of years. The Rohingya is described by Human Rights Watch as one of the biggest immigrant population groups in the whole wide globe. Bangladesh's Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged Myanmar to take back the Rohingya migrants.

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