Free Internet for Myanmar

Myanmar Free Internet

I' m afraid there is no free internet in Myanmar. The entire curriculum is translated into the language of Myanmar. How is the state of the media in Myanmar today? AsiaGo has the best Akore Myanmar Life Hotel prices online! The Akore Myanmar Life Hotel is smoke-free.

Wikipedia free of charge for Myanmar via new Telekom licence

Burma has undergone some drastic changes since the 2010 policy reforms, including better global accessibility. Wikimedia has recognised this and is providing free wireless Wikipedia in Asia as part of its Wikipedia Zero work. It is working with the Norwegian airline Telenor to drive the initiative forward.

Telenor is planning to provide its subscriber Wikipedia without charges for wireless communications. The Wikipedia Zero is available in 21 countries worldwide, some of them in Asia. One of the two telecommunications operators licensed nationally in Myanmar is Telenor, the other is Qatar-based Ooredoo.

Currently, only 11.1 per cent of Myanmar's citizens have wireless phone and services. By 2016, the German federal administration is planning to raise the penetration rate of cell phone penetration to around 80 per cent.

Free internet with top-ups at Ooredoo

Ooredoo is now giving away free of charge added files with recharging the account after the announcement of the 4G-readiness. The latest research shows that Myanmar's wireless penetration rate has risen from 7 per cent in 2012 to 63 per cent, while more than 80 per cent of Myanmar's wireless subscribers have smart phones. According to Ooredoo, clients use 18x as much information as when the services were introduced.

In order to take full use of this tendency, Ooredoo started a new top-up bonuses campaign in which Ooredoo clients from K500 upwards get an Internet discount of 5 megabyte to 1 gigabyte. "Now our clients can get Internet bonuses for charging their cell phone during the campaign time.

It' a great value for any recharge amount, even for a minimal of K500. It is our sincere wish that our clients will be very satisfied with this immediate and appealing reward innovation," said Rene Meza, CEO of Ooredoo Myanmar. "As more and more Myanmar residents use the Internet, Ooredoo wants to help all our clients discover this precious service," he added.

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