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See Burma VJ, the Burma documentary by Anders Østergaard.

Østergaard's award-winning film shows a seldom insight into the 2007 Myanmar insurrection through the camera of the unrelated group of journalists known as the Peace Process. As 100,000 individuals (including 1,000 Buddhist monks) took to the street to protests against the country's oppressive regimes, which have been holding them as hostages for over forty years, access to the site was forbidden to international teams and the web closed.

Burma's DemoDemocratic Voice, a group of 30 anonym and subterranean videographers (VJs), captured these historical and tragic happenings on mobile cameras and snuck the material out of the land where it was transmitted via satellites around the world.

Myanmar VJ

"Joshua ", 27 years old and one of the VJ' s running under cover, is abruptly cast into the shoes of the group' group' military tactician guide as Buddhist friars leading a mass insurrection in September 2007. Television teams from abroad are excluded from entry, leaving Joshua and his team free to record the event and set up a life-line to the area.

Since the secret agent of the goverment understands the camerawork, the VJ' s soon become their main goal. On the tumultuous September day, Joshua is on an emotive roller coaster between hopes and desperation as he desperately tries to pursue his reporter on the street as the great insurgency unfold.

Joshua as a psychologic lense makes the state of Burma accessible to a worldwide public so that we can comprehend, touch and sniff it.

Deceit: Pele Oo Dan Myin (2018)

As Jaden, who grew up in the USA, returned to his native Myanmar to look for his origins, he discovered a shockin' reality, a new kind of affection and finally a possible home town. Covert, sorrowful romance between two Myanmar young men had trouble in their lifelong companionship after being wed.

A group of immigrant people from Burma on the run from the conflict in their own countries in their quest for a new home in Thailand. Mín Htet has a wonderful lifestyle, which is the envy of many. But, at some point in his lifetime, he commited an unforgetable evil that ruined both his wife and his family. Following a string of incidents that almost ruined his entire existence, he began to realise that his ideal future may not be what he thought.

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