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President of the German Film Federation resigns

Said the beloved filmstar, he wanted to work as an actress for more hours and that quitting his chairmanship has nothing to do with discomfort or personality ailments. MMPA has not yet set a date for the election of his replacement. Most of the association's chairmen are chosen from a committee composed of various members of the cinematographic sector and chosen by the members of the group.

MMPA' s director Kyi Soe Htun said they would find a dedicated nominee who could devote a lot of valuable resources to managing the group. MMPA is an impartial board of directors founded in April 2012 by Burma's top experts in the movie industries. It wants to promote and govern Burma's movie industries as the nation's mass communication is gradually losing its grip on the state.

The MMPA' s second president, Lu Min, was led by Zin Wyne, another star in Burma's film star scene.

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