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New York Festivals Radio Free Asia interviews Burmese children soldiers win

Published in August last year, he follows former Aung Ko Htway, a former member of the German armed forces, as he described his kidnapping and forcible recruitment for almost 10 years. After the broadcast of the interviewee, Aung Ko Htway was detained and accused of vilifying the war.

Myanmar's troops and some of the country's ethnically based gunmen have long been recruiting and trafficking offspring as troops, especially in conflict-ridden areas of the border area. Recruiting officers often grab kids on the excuse that they have commited a crime, underage or non-existent, and tell them that they must either be serving in the military or go to prison.

Kids are compelled to train under often hard or inhuman circumstances and are abused as a matter of routine by warlords. The Burmese Service of Radio Free Asia provided a detailed and intimate insight into the experiences of these childrensoldiers and told the tale of Aung Ko Htway, who was kidnapped when he was 14 years old, compelled to join the Myanmar Armed Forces, and imprisoned for a felony he had not committed.

On 28 March, twelve years after his torture began, he was convicted under Section 505(b) of the country's penal code, which relates to the production, publication or dissemination of information that may cause anxiety or concern to the general population, and encourage persons to violate the state or disrupt the state. Aung Ko Htway's problems have become even more serious this particular case, with further accusations by the state.

Myanmar TV told Radio Free Asia about the use of'Rohingya'.

The Myanma Radio and Television notified on May 7 that the use of the "controversial Rohingya " term violates its contract law with the Myanma Radio and Television Corporation. One of these channels was DVB Media Group, which was RFA's regional RFA channel from October 2017 until last Monday. Myanmar's administration calls the Rohingya "Bengal", which means that they are illegals from Bangladesh.

Rohingya feel at home in Myanmar. Of the 700,000 internally displaced persons who have been evicted by Myanmar militaries since August last year, many say they would be returning to Myanmar if they were to guarantee security and nationalism. XRF spokesperson Rohit Mahajan said AP declined to use another notion for the prosecuted group and was then dumped by DVB.

RFA (in its present form) and DVB were both established in the 90s to provide non-censored messages to their Asian audience. Losing contact with his Myanmar counterpart follows the ban on Cambodia's broadcasting last August. MAHJAN said AP that RFA coding will stay on-line and on the air, and his employees will further work in the state.

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