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River Valley Suites Fraser Agoda

Fraser Suites Singapore in Singapore, Singapore. Fraser Suites Singapore offers a variety of amenities and services for our youngest guests and is the ideal service apartment for families travelling with children. Find the lowest rates for the Fraser Suites Singapore Serviced Apartment in Singapore. See prices and find the best deal for Fraser Suites Singapore.

Fraaser Suites Singapore, Singapore - Update 2018 Rates

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Hairdresser Suites Singapore from $206 ($????). Saporella Hotels

The staff are supportive and warm. We had comfortable bunks, the flat was great for a group of 5 people, with 2 baths, which made our sojourn much quieter. Magnificent neat flat with all the necessary comforts for the whole group. We recommend a shuttleservice to Sentosa and other important sights. We' dined at Valley Point (instead of Frasers), which is right next door.

However, the Frasers Suites had a disappointing breakfasts (conclusion from a single early bird breakfast). Site. Personnel. Our welcoming, highly qualified employees have taken every chance to make your holiday a pleasant one for our young team. Superb amenities for young couples such as outdoor play areas, public baths.

It is a good value for your investment and is very recommendable for those travelling with their families or on a long corporate travel in Singapore. It is actually low cost for the qualtity of the services.... Outstanding facilities - fitness room, saunas, Turkish bath and a fabulous round swimming pools! Services are great and the employees are always..... able and kind employees who are concerned about a few questions with the flat.

Dwelling seriously lack of servicing. The faucet was loosely, the gate of the showers and toilets does not shut fully, so leaking on to the bottom of the bathrooms, wardrobes in the second bed room do not slide well? The employees were always friendly, supportive and always comfortable Spacious. Bath and lavatory....

There were marks on the wall of the flat and our room occasionally had a humid aroma. Desastrous breakfasts (no sort, no hams - just the cheapest hams in Singapore, no cheeses, they put the onions near the fruit...!!!!!!!!!... and many more!!!!), personnel, the foul odor in the front desk of.....

Everything, the services were flawless, as were the conveniences and the home economics. Hallway vacuums always not untouched, I did not expect such a large cacheroches in the main room, perhaps these came through the sewers? The location is a small problem. The breakfast was great, the employees were supportive without being obtrusive.

Exceptional client services and hosts. It was very homelike. We' d just arrived from Oakwood Premier Guangzhou, which was a big flat, so we found Fraser Suites smaller in number. This was a great place for a 6-person familie. Beautiful fun market and small farmstead are located directly in front of the hote.

This three-roomed flat was first-rate. The employees are even very kind..... All very kind people. Washer & tumble-drier in the 3-room flat where I lived. That has nothing to do with the Fraser Suites - but some other people were very impolite to the employees, which I could not accept.

And I recommend that employees continue to be polite, even though they..... That has nothing to do with the Fraser Suites - but some other people were very impolite to the employees, which I could not accept. And I recommend that employees continue to be polite, even though they.....

They were very kind and supportive. They were very kind and supportive. Price/Performance ratio outstanding, tranquility and tranquility. Price/Performance ratio outstanding, tranquility and tranquility. Outstanding equipment. Bathrooms should be furnished with Bidet. Outstanding equipment. Bathrooms should be furnished with Bidet. ride to orchid street,home away from home,would recomend elderly people. flat was well furnished. great location...we have an early check-in and home economics was great.

It'?s a good location. Appropriate shelter for a 5-person familiy to remain together. Personnel not very domineering, small buffetuffet, The services were outstanding. However, we had some problems with the tin work - the washbasin in the galley and the ballast in the guests bath were leaky. Showers in the bathrooms didn't run out well.

For 6+2 adults and children I reserved 3 bedrooms, but when we arrived at the motel, they wanted us to find another room, the..... This makes the guesthouse child-friendly and ideal in respect of facilities, position and closeness to supermarkets and shops! The situation was good. It'?s a good position. It is a fully furnished and tidy flat.

We' ve remained here more than once and the quality of our customer care has been very high. Our employees are kind and helpful with all your queries and wishes. All the rooms are roomy and tidy for a relaxed holiday. They' re very courteous and respectful, the facilities are very good and Mohammed' the Guardian' at the stopover is very kind and friendly' Only the need to modify the layout of the bath rooms and supply them with hosepipe as we are Muslims.

They were all kind and supportive. Some more basic cooking skills would have been useful. It was a great place for a five-person household - it is very difficult to find such a place for a large one. It' a company flat. Upgrading from a 1-bedroom to a 2-bedroom flat, as we did not like the bath layout / private sphere in the 1-bedroom apart.

Two-bedroomed apartment..... There was almost no private space in the ensuite rooms, as there was no entrance between the two. The employees were extraordinary. Maestro bath too enlightening. Whenever you do not have a room with your partner, every single times you want to use the bath, another room owner must vacate!

Smaller bathrooms, too small showers. The personnel is kind, the services are good. The employees were very supportive and kind, the situation is outstanding. Everyone is so kind. It was my best..... I got a very small 2 room flat, I had to put some of our pockets in the bath because I didn't have enough room!

I ask for another flat, but the motel was very occupied after three days..... It is the only place you want to be when you go to Singapore, rely on me, it is the best of all, especially the employees and the Aypt is marvelous. If you go there with a group or your whole household, my advice is.....

Staying at Fraser Suites Singapore is central to Singapore, just 15 minutes by car from the Chinatown Heritage Center and National Orchid Garden.

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