Fox Video Song

The Fox Video Song

It' called "The Fox", a hilarious and infectious song by Ylvis, a couple of Norwegian vaudeville brothers. The comedian Chad Prather on the creation of the song'I've Got Friends in Safe Spaces'. The icebergs in Soper's video melt faces and snowstorms dissolve.

The Fox' is more than just a viral video | RTM

As Ylvis' "The Fox" first came up on YouTube and collected within a few day hundred thousand of opinions, we watched. When we thought the hysteria would end, the FOX net has re-released Ylvis' song for the station. By the time the Norwegian couple (brothers from Norway) that make up Ylvis performed on almost every big nightly and daily chat show and their superb video virals we knew that "The Fox" had a way of being.

Look at the top 5 reason "The Fox" is more than just a virus video. And we knew that video was something really unique. The production was very good, the visuals were great and we hoped in secret that the dancing would become some kind of gangnam-style-sensory. Soon FOX used the name of the video and implemented the song kit for a number of FOX Network celebrities like Glee's Jane Lynch with a fox cap, while he provided the autumn line-up.

Ylvis' video no longer stands alone, but is drawn into other contents and made again pertinent. Audiences could at last get to know the comedians behind the hitsong when they both performed on TV shows like Ellen and Jimmy Fallon's Long Lasting.

They were great athletes when they advertised their random virus video hits. As soon as a video comes into your dressing room, it says something.

So what does YouTube say? Ylvis''The Fox' is the top trend video of 2013

His virus hits, which investigate this issue, was called YouTube's top-trending video of 2013. Likewise in the Top Trend video category: a naval variant of "Harlem Shake", a chat roulette against Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" and Jean-Claude Van Damme's "Epic Splits" for Volvo. It also uncovered the top trend video and channel sites that found the most supporters in 2013.

PSY ("Gentlemen") Miley Cyrus ("Wrecking Ball" and "We Can't Stop"), Katy Perry ("Roar") and P!nk ("Just Give Me A Reason") won the five best places in the video series. In the YouTube channel with the highest subscriber growth, the top 5 is led by Sweden's video games commentary Pewdiepie, with Chilean Comedy star Hola Soy German, comedians Smosh, Beyonce and One Direction completing the top 5.

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