Formerly known as Burma

Earlier known as Burma

Burma (formerly known as Burma). Arguments for sanctions against Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, are more convincing than perhaps anywhere else in the world. Earlier known as Burma, the country is home to a wealth of attractions including ancient temples, lush parks and vibrant international markets. Demonstrators called on the government of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, to end action against pro-democracy activists and free political prisoners. See the slow pace of this beautiful nation formerly known as Burma.

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma

It was a turning point in my photographic and traveling careers. Being a traveler, because the first in my visit was when this land opened up to the outside worlds, and as I walked alone through the land, I discovered the Burmese's everlasting smiles, who even said it was my favorite asia.

Also as a fotographer, because I took one of the best pictures of my carreer and perhaps the most important one for me, the picture of the Mandalay Mönch. Eighteen years later I simply went back to see him again during a vintage quest that did not eventually get the Lady Luck laugh.

Despotism formerly known as Burma

With the deployment of forces to the street and the imposition of a curfew, Myanmar's horrific Myanmar army has created the conditions for a serious conflict with pro-democracy militants. The best prospect of promoting peace in a country that has lived through a 19-year rule of terror is a determined and unified global reaction, as President Bush and the European Union sketched out at the UN last night.

It is a matter of whether the most influential nations in Myanmar - China, Russia and India, which are all selling arms to the military, and the members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, which are Myanmar's immediate neighbours - have the common sense to denounce the oppression and put the pressure that only they can put on with hopes of repercussion.

Last month's peace demonstrations over dramatic increases in the price of gasoline became a serious threat to the Burmese military when Myanmar's much -respected Buddhist friars united. As the crowd grew, the accumulated complaints became a vote - and the regime reacted in a foreseeable, completely wrong way. She sent forces out into the street, and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the Iconical Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Democratic Major, is said to have been taken from jail.

United States, which has long had a sanction against Myanmar, as well as an embargo on imports, will now extend a visas embargo on regimental leader and increase fiscal sanctioning, Bush said to the United Nations. Though not spelt out, the plot is felt to go after regimes banking in Singapore and other South East Asia lands, a strategy used by Washington with some effect against North Korea.

It also cautioned the Burmese government against harsher penalties if it violently crushed the pro-democracy group. Those were good and necessary steps, but the greatest lever to prevent a catastrophe is China, Russia and India, which are making and allowing the Burmese regime to remain in government.

China, Myanmar's main trading and hosting country for the 2008 Olympic Games, has increased gun shipments to Yangon, formerly Rangoon, and prompted Russia and India to do the same to offset Beijing's clout. Muscovites have been discussing making a research reactors available to the regime and India - the democratic country on which the United States is hoping to establish an important link for safety and economy in the twenty-first Century.

While there are some indications that China has pressed for caution, more needs to be done, in particular to support UN sanctioning of Myanmar, which has so far obstructed Beijing and Moscow. UN Representative for Myanmar, Ibrahmim Gambari, must bring these large states and ASEAN states together in an aggressive manner to get the commanders to withdraw.

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