Formerly known as Burma

Earlier known as Burma

Myanmar is called Manmar and not Burma. Why? This nation, formerly known as Burma. Burma, formerly known as Burma, is a relatively new country. Up until a few years ago it was difficult to get a visa, and yet it was limited to one week.

Formerly known as Burma, MYANMAR is one of the least known countries in Asia.

This is the land formerly known as Burma.

One of my Thai friends sent me a reference to an article in the Bangkok Post about a recent mission of President Thein Sein of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, to the White House by President Obama. Obama and Thein Sein argued about US corporate investments in former Burma, but ignored the country's position as a centre for the drug and metamphetamine trade.

It' s interesting how the US administration is waging a low level battle against the Mexico and Colombia coke-rolls, but does not care much about the southern and south-eastern Asian opinum and heroine wars. Editors deplore Obama's failure to mention the prosecution of a minorities named Rohingya I had never known.

I' ve always considered Buddhism as a conservative, forgiving faith. This shows how deceptive prejudices between Buddhists, like other human beings, cannot necessarily be based on the best doctrines of their faith, and how little knowledge of the name of the faith to which someone paying attention will tell you about that person's behaviour.

  • The two things I get from the leading article are an indicator of the U.S. government's foreign affairs priorities and an indicator of how some aliens are still looking to Americans to defend human rights. What is this? Please click on Myanmar, US Waste a Chance to view the leading article.

known as SLORC - Myanmar

The AMONG, the first errors of the Myanmar colonels who took over in 1988, were their name election for their regimes. It was not only that the State Law and Order Restoration Council, or SLORC, sounds like the administration of an evil foreign world, but also that it contains a promise: as soon as justice and order were re-established, it would be passed on to the civilian population.

The SLORC continued for nine years, indicating that the general had either flunked or was lying. And despite the NLD's 1990 electoral win, the general held on to the country. When the SLORC declared its dissolution on 15 November and was then reincarnated as the "State Peace and Development Council", it seemed to be just a name-shift.

It' still a group of general. However, they are different generals: an extensive Shuffle has taken place. 14 senior SLORC members were transferred to an Advisory Board, three more were dismissed. An ASEAN-EU official summit on 17 November was cancelled because the EU would not be sitting with the Gen.

A recent United Nations Security Council conclusions on Myanmar's situation are that "there is no improvement". However, the most important ones are probably domestic battles for control. Colonels did not use more civil techocrats, as was to be anticipated. Rather, the new agreements represent a consolidating force by the four leading SLORC generalists who have succeeded in getting away from prospective competitors and some of their infamous dirty mates.

The Myanmar policy is still a mysterious battle between spies and troops.

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