Former name of Yangon

Old name of Yangon

Replies to the question about the former name of the Yangon crossword. Shwe" literally means gold, and "Dagon" is the former name of Yangon. First, the name of the country has been changed. First, the name of the country has been changed. Myanmar's largest city, Yangon, which may still be identified by its former name, remains a city of surprising contradictions.

over Yangon, formerly Rangoon, was the capitol of Myanmar.

It is a fusion of English, Burma, Chinese as well as Hindu influence and is known for its dilapidated but almost uniquely designed nine-teenth and twentieth centuries English style architectural style. The new high-rises were built in the 1990s (and some are frighteningly uninhabited and are abandoned as spooky high-rises and hotel complexes along Upper Pansodan Road) when the administration began to allow privatisation (while former federal administration building such as the solid secretariat building, as the main town is being moved to Naypyidaw, was abandoned).

But Yangon is still a town of the past, as the long-lived, bead nut-chewing and spewing walkers, their kind or even family atmosphere towards foreigners, their hawkers and their scent sting. The former name Yangon is not the only casualty of symbolical changes in this state.

Firstly, the name of the land has been altered. In order to address this identities crises in the land, this town was deprived of its financial standing and the capitol was moved to a remote new location named Naypyidaw, which was rebuilt from the ground up. Perhaps because Myanmar had already had trauma meetings with aliens during the Mongolian invasions when it plundered the town of Bagan, the colonisation by the Brits and the Japanese invasions and the violent atrocities they caused - it has evolved its peculiarity and isolationism towards aliens, but it is not as completely hostile to them as North Korea.

Somehow they don't want to fully adjust to a strange concept. They showed their disdain by tolerating the goverment that they forced aliens like the web and resort television - essential tourist outlets outdoors in their daily life here and in their home town - by having to record and record their data from every resort to the museums they were and in every means of transportation they use.

However, the government's growing opening up to external commerce and democratic movement is quickly bringing about a change in attitude. Since November 2013, the picture has clearly shifted, with far less regulations for overseas tourism and explosive expansion in technologies such as smartphones and tables, broadband connections and global TV.

February 2014 travelers have no limitations on the web and no need to record travel information. And Yangon is the most expansive of all South East Asia towns. Walking along a characteristic road, the monuments show striking trade and road markings, mostly spelled in regional alphabets, not to speak of the look of the wandering Burgundian-dressed friars and the gold-plated coup d'├ętat as awaited in this buddhistic land, and down to the natives who retain their look.

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