Former name of Country Myanmar

Previous name of the country Myanmar

The old name is still used only by the USA and some EU countries. What names do you think journalists and other countries should use? May all the citizens of this country live successfully and peacefully. However, Burma is also a country that directly affects us, not only in the past. The majority of trips to Burma begin with a flight to Yangon, the former capital, which is even more recognizable by its old name Rangoon.

Burma, Myanmar. What do you like?

Some of the texts are based on the old Istanbul ( "Not Constantinople") swimming standards, a popular tune that makes the humanitarian and very politically tendencies to change the names of towns and states serene. Myanmar is certainly the dominant example of this vacillating cadence. Is that Burma? Aung San Suu Kyi, head of the Burmese government, recently said that she sees nothing in naming her own land Burma.

In 1989, the country's now non-ruling army junta formally renamed the earldom from Burma to Myanmar. There is only a discrepancy in the name in German, not in the national languages. Myanmar itself is probably a source of corrupt words. What name do you use? Myanmar short."

Burma has been recognised by the United Nations, but not by the United Kingdom and other nations that continue to use Burma. A number have proposed that those who used Myanmar were weak and too consistent with the country's former repressive army regim. Myanmar - which, according to point of views, swings either with romanticism or oppressing collonialism - tends to move slightly more easily from the English language than Myanmar.

Burma is never out of use in the English-speaking countries, for whatever reasons, to the regret of the Myanmar-Booster. Angered by Suu Kyi's recurrent use of Burma during his travels abroad this past summer, Myanmar's electoral committee ordered the campaigner and politician not to use the name Burma. "The electoral committee said in a declaration, as Australia Network News reports, "No one has the right to call Burma, as the state is required by the constitutional treaty to be known as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

With Myanmar still open to global tourist flows, the importance of differentiation is likely to become even clearer. Burma or Myanmar?

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