Former Capital Myanmar

The former capital of Myanmar

I' m in Yangon, the capital of Myanmar. Yangon - the former capital of Myanmar - is more than the largest city, one of the largest places of pilgrimage with the magnificent Shwedagon Pagoda. Tonight we take you back to the ancient kings of Myanmar and the thrones they sat on. Yangon has been renamed Yangon and is no longer the capital of Myanmar (Burma), but it is still the trading center and your main entrance to Myanmar. This itinerary is perfect for first-time visitors to Myanmar who want to discover the country through its people and history.

Yangon, former capital of Myanmar

There is a relaxing ambience here. I' m in Yangon, the capital of Myanmar. Or, I'd rather say... the former capital of Myanmar. In all honesty, when you walk around Yangon you really have the feeling of a capital and it' s certainly good to go and see it! At Yangon, and in Myanmar in general, we are approaching the Asiatic body type we all know: sloping vision, more or less beautiful skin.... I stress this because it really impressed me, but Yangon seems to be a very laid back town!

So I can run around, observe Yangon and take peaceful photos. A further peculiarity of the Myanmar boys: their appearance. They' re wearing old Bohemian dresses, we call them longyis. Despite the laid-back state of the natives, one must not overlook that Yangon is a big town. It was an error dating back to 1974, when the army commander Ne Win led the land with an unyielding will.

So, I walk around Yangon, my big open face with all this novelty: Tanaka, beadle, longyi... All these new things are very apparent. Also stray cats all over town, but that's nothing new to me, I'm used to them now. Coming to Yangon, there's something you just can't miss: the Mönche.

I' ve been told that there are about 600000 friars in the land, more than 1% of the rural people. It seems that they have a certain amount of influence in the countryside and are highly regarded by the people. You' ll see many of them in the countryside! Lots of Myanmar women welcomed me on the streets and discretely smiled at me under their umbrellas that they had to defend themselves from the sun (although they also have Thanaka!).

They' re playing Chinlon, the most beloved game in the state. Now, what am I supposed to do in Yangon? lf there's a place in Yangon, it's the Swedishaghode. It is, I admit, the most visited touristic destination in the town. A further coupé in the centre of Yangon, the Sule Bud.

There are 3000 KYAT (. 85?) to get in, and I suggest that you go there before you go to the Schwedagon Pagoda, otherwise you may be upset. Though the Sule Pagoda is nice, it is much smaller than Sweden, and it is very quickly touring. You' ll see the architectural design of the Myanmar Marines.

Near my youth hostel I saw a beautiful temple: the Kheng Hock Keong Tempel. It is a small sanctuary and only takes a few moments to see, but it is a little different from the other sanctuaries we can see in Yangon. Let's say it looks more like a China sanctuary than a Burma sanctuary.

Yangon's most beloved fair is the Bogyoke Aung Sann Fair, which is open from 10am to 5pm. Like all the Asiatic fairs they have everything: clothing, toy, souvenirs... But in this fair they mainly buy jewellery from Myanmar. They can also take a stroll in Chinatown, enjoy a lovely night in 19 nd St, in the evenings in the busy streets with many pubs and I haven't listed them, but there are also many Hindus sanctuaries, mosques and even Yangon chapels that you can see.

If you want to see Myanmar, Yangon is a good intro. They can just unwind in the street of the town, see the most important touristic sites and of course observe all the peculiarities of the land I am referring to in the item. Information: Do you want to go to Myanmar?

When you choose to submit an application on-line, you will need to come into the Dominican Republic by air (probably anyway). Don't go to Myanmar without your trip insure! Get a Myanmar tourist guidebook if you need it.

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