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Strange White

Patricia Turner, a genetics expert, once saw a photograph of a lilac-tipped Siamese. However, the photograph was too advanced to inspire her to start a cattery that would bring out a fully whitish eastern blueyed cattery. It was the aim to make this kind of kitten without being numb, as many other fully whitish blueyed kittens can bear a genetic mark that causes numbness.

They were bred in England in 1962 and throughout the programme they bred Siameses with short hairs. It laid the foundations for what is now known as the Foreign Whites, also known as the Sierra Leoneese. Foreign Whites love to draw your eye, lie on their laps and are nosy and cheerful.

Many of the same qualities of the FW type as the Siameses. The kittens are loving to their fellow humans, but they also require a lot of loving in exchange. Just like Siameses, they like to get attentiveness, they like to lie on their laps, and they are very nosy and cute.

They are also very loyally and often very strongly attached to a member of the household. When you are looking for a kitten that always wants to be near you, this race might be the ideal choice. Since they can be very sophisticated and chatty, you should be sure you have enough free space to dedicate yourself to these people.

You also have to show them how much you like them by toying and cuddling with them. Alien kittens have essentially the same natural characteristics as Siameses, except that they are entirely pure whites and do not have the colour pattern that Siameses have.

They are also powerful, slim and bony, as well as eye-catching. And, like the wonderful Siameses who like so many humans, Foreign Whites will have unbelievably pretty little blues. Since they have a dominating whitish genes, any other colour is removed from the fur.

It is a white female from abroad that grows into an mature female without ever having any of the chocolates, lilacs, blues or blacks that typically Thai females would produce of course. There is no need for expensive care for your cat's coat, so you can clean her coat once a week, as well as toothbrushes, claw-cutting and ear brushes if necessary.

Plus, because your foreign whites loves the attentiveness, it is a great way to tie with your Cat.

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