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Newest tweets from the German Foreign Office (@foreignoffice). The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO). So what is the Federal Foreign Office's current advice for Myanmar? My responsibilities include the Foreign Office, which includes India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and the Maldives. with the Burmese office.

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Burmese Office, Burma Secretariat and Foreign Ministry, Embassy, Rangoon, Burma: Correspondence in general

Included in this serial is general letters from the Burma Secretariat which has been handed down by the Rangoon Embassy under an arrangement between the Foreign Office and the Burma Office, London, and the Embassy itself. In the first 56 fields, the data is sorted alphabetically/numerically by topic or function.

When a G.S.O. range of documents was introduced (boxes 57-80), the headlines were removed from the document covers; however, an index of documents stored in 80 was used to try to keep them in the catalog wherever the theme's appropriateness could be ascertained.

There were only exceptional links from one data set to another, but there may be some help from the data index. Burma's office and secretary's office were in Indian and Rangoon until October 1945.

Lead United asked the Foreign Office to support the club's Myanmar trip in public, but was rejected.

Labour MEP John Mann and the Liberal Democrat leaders at the House of Lords Lord Newby - both Leeds enthusiasts - also criticized the road. Amnesty International called it "strange". "I took a call from[REDACTED] at Leeds United Football Club this afternoon. All right? "He said Leeds United had already received criticisms after they announced their trip to Burma this May.

Leeds United also informed the officer that he was conscious of the Myanmar policy before he announced the off-season trip.

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