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Myanmar (formerly Burma) Myanmar and the UNO announce an agreement on the return of Rohingya. Myanmar, formerly called Burma, borders India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand. These are our tips for getting new clean dollars for Myanmar/Burma in Bangkok. The DCA Myanmar is a governmental organization of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Myanmar. Please use our scholarship search (right) to find a list of scholarships you are eligible for.

Myanmar with his hands - Myanmar with his hands

It is our aim to promote and empower the work of our brethren and nurses in Christ in the land of Myanmar and to promote the ministry of their churches, with particular attention to promoting ministry in their local colleges and enabling students to go to school.

Through the ministries of ministry to these fellowships and other Myanmar based Christians and missionsaries, we seek to show how we have the chance to be God's "hands and feet" and His ministers to His ministers in Myanmar. About Myanmar?

Myanmar, also known under its former name Burma, is situated in Southeast Asia and borders Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand. Burma is one of the impoverished countries in Asia. Myanmar has a fourth of its people living in poor conditions, with over 35% of Myanmar's infants suffering from long-term undernourishment and 8% being severely undernourished.

The lifespan of Burma's kids is only up to class 8 and only half of the school-age kids will finish elementary schooling. A lot of kids are compelled to go out of college and to work to help their families. These and other reasons mean that 7% of Myanmar's babies will not celebrate their fifth year.

His Hands for Myanmar teamed up with the Shalom Children's Home in Myanmar in June 2017 to provide much needed assistance to help meet the cost of living and schooling for over 30 orphans in the home. With a small $25 per month adoption charge you can help a vulnerable kid with his cost of living or schooling costs and make a difference in his world!

100 percent of your sponsor money goes to the Children's Home on the godchild's name, none of which goes to the administration costs of this programme here in the United States. Eligible sponsors are only shown by number on this website.

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