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for Myanmar's child sponsorship program. Such as " Ka " and " Ta ", not only " K " or " T ". United Nations resident and humanitarian coordinator for Myanmar. All you need to know about obtaining a Myanmar eVisa. If you need to process your Myanmar visa quickly, Travel Document Systems is there for you.

What kind of funds do I need for Myanmar?

Whilst the costs of a visit to Myanmar increase every year, it is still simple to get around Myanmar with a $50 per diem packer or a more convenient $75-100 per diet. In Myanmar, for a five stars event, you are expecting to pay about the same as in Thailand or Vietnam: $200+ per person per night.

To get an idea of what you can see and do in Myanmar, check out our 1-week Myanmar route and, if you have more free day, our 14 day Myanmar route. Myanmar's local currency is the Kyoto, which is available in notes ranging from one Kyoto to 1,000. Because of the low rates of exchanges, most of our hotel and tour rates are calculated in US dollar.

Like in Cambodia and Laos, the US Dollars are the informal currencies of most tourism-oriented companies in Myanmar. They need KYATA for eating and drinking, but it is rewarding to take many US bucks for rooms and coaches. Apart from selected ASEAN states, travelers from most states require a visas to travel to Myanmar.

eVisa for over 100 destinations is available for $50 - you can request it on the eVisa website or, if you are already in Thailand, you can request a Myanmar Visas at the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok. Up until recently, there were very few cash machines in Myanmar. Today it is simple to find cash machines in Yangon, Bagan and other tourist areas.

In spite of the growing ATM cover, you will want to take most of your pocketing with you. Deduct US Dollar before you leave for Myanmar and take it with you - it's simple to find bureaux de change while you are travelling. Whilst some high-end guesthouses take payment by bank card, restaurant and tourist agency only do so.

Traveling in Myanmar can be inexpensive, but high overnight expenses mean that you will probably spend more money than in Cambodia, Laos or, if you have a small household, even in Thailand. When you feel at home in inns and lodges, a daily $50 limit is enough to make a sensible trip to Myanmar.

At $50 a days, you have no trouble going to most of Burma's tourist sites and enjoying typical dishes. From $75 to $100 a days on, for a convenient three-star adventure. So you can overnight in a cosy three-star hotel, have a better choice of meals and get a good night's rest with AC instead of a dorm.

Myanmar has much fewer places to stay than Thailand. Yangon and Mandalay offer basic guest rooms from $20 to $40 per room. There is no own Yangon International Airporthotel, but there are several cheap Yangon International Airports nearby if you need an early departure.

But in Bagan, the restricted availability and high level of popularity means you will find it hard to find a hotel or guesthouse for less than $30 per room per day. For a room in Yangon and Mandalay, you will be charged twice the price for a room in similar state. 3 to 4 stars in Yangon and Mandalay are available from $60 to $100.

Myanmar's two largest towns also offer a variety of luxurious resorts at prices ranging from $150 to $600 per city. Doublerooms and doublerooms are available from $35 per room per day with Wi-Fi and breakfasts. Convenient and inexpensive lodging in East Yangon. Two- and two-bed rooms from $38 per room per day with Wi-Fi and breakfas.

MT Hotel: Central three-star Yangon resort. Two-bed rooms from $60 per room per day, including free Wi-Fi and breakfas. This is Mr. Lee Hotel: Convenient three-star resort near Lanmada railway station. Two- and two-bed rooms from $58 per room per day with Wi-Fi and breakfas. Shangri-La Sule: Roomy, cosy rooms and a great downtown Yangon setting make Shangri-La a good option for luxurious travelers.

From $215 per person per night. Yangon's most luxury resort, Belmond Governor's Palace, features a wide range of luxury rooms in a magnificent 1920s royal palace. Starting at $544 a Night. Also see our Things To Do In Yangon guidebook if you need inspirat. Twin room with free Wi-Fi and bed and breakfasts from $39 per person per day.

Nice four-star motel near historic Bagan. Regular rooms and cottages from $134 and $191 per room with free Wi-Fi and breakfasts. 818 Motel Central three-star resort in northern Lake Inle. Two- and two-bed rooms with free Wi-Fi and breakfasts from $52 per room per day. Nice five-star motel with traditionally furnished and peaceful area.

Swimming doubles from $156 per person per day. Name of the Sweet Hotel: Clean, cozy rooms with free Wi-Fi and breakfasts from $25 per room per day. Situated in the eastern Mandalay. Mandalay Sedona Hotel: A contemporary five-star resort on four hectares of garden to the east of Mandalay. Twin room with free Wi-Fi and breakfasts from $230 per person per day.

Learn more about Mandalay, see What to do in Mandalay. Whilst Myanmar is more pricey than Thailand, the cuisine is delicious, inexpensive and unbelievably simple to find. In Myanmar, if you dine in one of the country and abide by Burma cuisine, it is possible to pay $10 or less a full meal per night.

It' s surprising how simple it is to find West European cuisine in Yangon, from pastas and pizzas to specialities from France. The price of West European foods ranges from 5,000 kyats to 50,000 kyats or more in the high-end eateries of Yangon's luxurious hotel establishments. Price from $1 per dish, making it one of the cheapest (and most popular) places to eat in Yangon.

Sense Myanmar food: Feel Myanmar is popular with both Myanmar residents and tourists and serves a mixture of Myanmar cuisine. The Yangon Bakehouse: Bakery products from $2. Le Planteur, one of the best restaurants in Yangon, offers classical gourmet cooking with raw materials from France. High quality foods at the right price.

The Mandalay Restaurant at the Governor's residence: Myanmar and Europian cuisine in a breathtaking house in the city. Alternatively, you can view our Governor's Residence Hotels rating. Myanmar's nocturnal life is not the most thrilling in the area, but if you stop at the area''beer stations'', you can spend a single evening without paying more than 1,000 kyats a year.

The majority of Myanmar's West side pubs are located in Yangon or, elsewhere, in local restaurants and hostels. Traveling in Myanmar is not costly, although coaches are not as inexpensive as in Vietnam or Cambodia. Long-haul coaches such as the nine-hour drive from Yangon to Mandalay are $13 or $22 for a more convenient City-coach.

Myanmar's slower transport by air makes air a good option. From Yangon to Mandalay (90 minutes each way) you can fly back from $290 on Air Bagan. From Yangon to Nyaung U, the near Bagan International Airfield, Air Bagan is available from $276 onward. Returns to Thandwe, the near Ngapali Beach International Airfield, start at $256.

Taxis are the simplest way to get around in Yangon and other towns. Rates are always agreed in anticipation and begin at 1,500 kyats, with flights to or from Yangon International Airports being charged at a fixed price of $10 per flight. Bagan and Myanmar beach resort transport includes horse-drawn carriages and cycling.

Travelling expenses can vary from $5 to $20+ per night, whether you prefer to walk or take a taxi or bustran. Exchanges from Myanmar are hard, and few bureaux de change accept them. Lastly, as with travelling everywhere, make sure you have cover for your journey to Myanmar.

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