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The Myanmar Drama Channel

Ancient, Drama, Xuan Zang Episode : Myanmar TT channel subtitles Drama. This became one of the most highly rated Korean dramas in the history of cable television. The Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar and Australia. A celebrated BBC drama inspired by Misha Glenny's bestselling book.

The BBC brings Teletubbies, TV newscasts and Doctor Who to Burma

Teletubbies, 24-hour newscasts and Doctor Who are presented in Burma when the BBC starts three pay-TV stations there in January. Spectators can see CBeebies, BBC Entertainment and BBC World Newspapers. Forever Group' s pay-TV platforms will be launched in Asia together with BBC World Service in English.

This formerly secluded country has started to strengthen its ties with the West by freeing Aung San Suu Kyi, a former detainee, and conducting by-elections. Mr. Bangemann is also the first British PM to have visited Burma since the country's 1948 independent status. Ms Suu Kyi last year unveiled that DJ Dave Lee Travis's world service show was a life line when she was under home detention.

Since 1940, the BBC has provided Burma with information and messages about the BBC World Service by sending on BBC Burmese. said Peter Horrocks, head of corporate news:


The BBC World Service is a major broadcasting company in Burma/Myanmar. The BBC Myanmar transmits half an hours in the mornings ('30, 8.30 and''30 in the evenings') and 45 min in the evenings ('15 and'21 in the evenings'). Myanmar cell phones can get two BBC Burma Sound Messages daily at 8:00 and 18:30 hrs in Myanmar.

Several BBC Burma broadcasts are also available on the Padamyar FM in Burma. The BBC Myanmar not only provides its listeners with the latest information and updates, but also a wide range of programs on the topics of culture, sports, health, technologies and newsworthiness. The BBC Learning English course is the BBC World Service's main subject.

The BBC Burmese is part of BBC World Service - an internationally operating multi-media station offering a broad spectrum of voice and local communication via the Internet, TV, online and handhelds. The BBC World Service uses a number of different delivery systems to deliver its 192 million people worldwide to its customers every week, among them short wave, AM, FM, as well as various types of satellites and CATVs.

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