Food in Yangon Myanmar

eating in Yangon Myanmar

Mohinga at the Unison Tea House (Mandalay) Paratha at the Unison Tea House Mandalay & also Style One Food Court, Insein Road Yangon. Seafood, banana doughnuts and spring rolls ("Yangon Chinatown") Mandalay beer. On the run or with friends in a few small dishes, this place is a staple food for simple, traditional Burmese food. Try Burma's great culinary options. The Feel Myanmar Food Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Yangon.

Privileged food in Yangon, Myanmar

At the beginning of the year both me and my husband were in Yangon to participate in the Yoma Yangon Marathon 2013. Are you interested in our Myanmar adventure and travel, please click here to view our past articles. A great thing about a walk through Yangon city centre is that if you get weary of the tour, you can stop for a yoghurt or Falooda refreshment.

At Yangon, Muslims in India have the exclusive right to run small stores and you usually spend time outside sitting on poufs while enjoying your cool yogurt (mixed with jaggery to sweets ) or Falooda and watching the street folks do their work. Shwe Bali is our favorite booth and the proprietor is a nice guy who is always free to discuss and discuss the changes that have come to Yangon.

We had the best mohinga we ever tried in Mandalay, on our last journey to Myanmar. The majority of street stands and market are for Mohinga, Myanmar's informal food, but if you're concerned about sanitation, Lucky 7 (Hawker chain) is a great place to try these Myanmar snoodles.

It is a pasta in thick sauce with splintered shavings of fishs, chopped bananas, crunchy and crunchy beignets, chive, chopped cooked egg and much healthyness. Throughout our brief and brief history of feeding Myanmar Mahinga, we found much inconsistence with the qualities and tastes from stable to stable.

When we had to choose a favorite, it was certainly in the Unison teahouse in Mandalay in Myanmar. Situated somewhere on 71 and 30 streets, this place offers many other delicious dishes from the streets such as birdie, chapatis, nanaan, murt tobacco, stewed rolls and roasted sausages.

At 5pm, the Chinatown street becomes an extensive open-air eating area offering all kinds of food and drink. It has a beautiful flavour and the food is endless. So it is correct that the people in Myanmar are eating all the times - it is all blurry if the festival goes on regardless of the sun.

The Mandalay beers ( "red label") are by far the best flavoured beers in Myanmar. It' not as simple to find as Myanmar beers, which are also potable, but not as beautiful. In most cases you will find them every single days or on the roads of Yangon, Mandalay, Inle Lake or Taunggyi.

It' a fresh alternative to all the savoury meats you can get in Myanmar. You are a big fans of pigs and innards, you will like this. The first time we saw the stew with grease and goo boiling and the crowd crowded around it to get something to eat, we almost did a twofold take.

It' only 100 kilo for a spit of pig or innards.... so keep yourself occupied and eat! The Shan pasta comes from the Shan state in Myanmar. Shan is bordered by China to the N, Laos to the E and Thailand to the S.. Its name comes from the Shan, one of several ethnical groups living in the area.

The Shan state is largely rustic, with only three large towns - Lashio, Kengtung and the capitol Taunggyi. Mingalar is a pasta store in Yangon that is loved by locals and other people. Food is relatively cheap and services are first-rate. Be sure to try the newly prepared knödel and the pasta.

In Yangon it's not just about pasta. Try also the roasted pasta - they are baked before a thick creamy cream coating is added. Weird flavours from a large saucepan of boiled meat all afternoon fill the small, narrow room. People are sitting on small squats and low desks and wait with patience for their bowls of steaming pasta to appear.

Eat the pasta and innards with a lightly sweetened chili coup. There is no travel to Yangon without trying the BBQ. At the moment you step on Super Win, you will be directed to large fridges and asked to choose your food, most of them on spits. As soon as they've grilled the food, they'll bring it to you at the dinner.

Beside the Myanmar BBQ there is also an Indian BBQ. As delicious as the Myanmar BBQ, and the flavour is more intimate to the mouth of Malaysia, as they have tandoori chickens and roasted ram tagliol. Most Yangon eateries do not charge a cork, so many people just take their own alcohol to supper and order a blender and pop.

For the pasta with shellfish and pigs. It is just a little unlabeled square, but you can find it at practically every nook and cranny of a Yangon avenue. Bachang (Zhong), Samosa and Sichet (Konlow or dried noodles) shall dy. In this renowned and fashionable eating area you will find young hungrysters.

It' across from Yangon University. Rakhine, is a Shan in Burma and is a local pasta special. This is reminiscent of the Mahinga because there are parallels, but it has its own distinctive tast. These pasta are slimmer than other pasta, boiled to fairly tender, and you can put more chillies if it's not already hot enough for you!

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