The Foldex cat, also known as the Exotic Fold is a type of cat that was developed in the Canadian province of Quebec. Foldex is a medium sized cat, short-legged, massive and round, yet elegant and with folded ears. Discover Foldex life cycle data with images, origin and history. The Foldex cat, also known as the Exotic Fold is a type of cat that was developed in the Canadian province of Quebec. We have FOLDEX SH cats & kittens from Spain.

About the Foldex

Foldex is a kitten race that has been developing in the Québec region of Canada since the early90s. Initially it was created by crossbreeding a Scotch wrinkle with an exotic shorthair line. Foldex combines the two parents' natural characteristics in a moderate way and creates a kitty that has a cute, open look with a soft wrinkle on the ear - with the aim of producing a kitty that looks like a little beary.

Foldex made its first performance in an exhibition in Québec in 1995, when Betty-Ann Yaxley showed a kitty in the CAC. The humans were fascinated by the enchanting look of the new race and several breeder decide to work on the development and promotion of the race. Jeanne Barrette was one of these new breeder.

Jeanne's tireless work and endurance resulted in the Foldex being recognized as an experimental race in the CCA in November 1998. As it was a minor race, things progressed slowly, but the Foldex was eventually recognized as a new race in August 2006 and then received full championship in March 2010.

Since the Foldex is only recognised by the CCA (Canadian Cat Association), it is currently mainly cultivated in Canada, although there is Foldex in the USA and Europe. Katrina-Cat Cattery's Muriel Blegin is the Foldex breed's secretary at the CCA. Foldex has a smaller nostril than a Scotch folds, but not as small as an Exotic Shorthair.

They have small round tops. They have a wrinkle in their ear, which makes them point downwards. Foldex's solid form has good bones and a small throat. There'?s nothing extrem about the Foldex. Please see The Foldex Breed Standard for more information on the Foldex look and feel.

Foldex is an energetic, happy, intelligent nosy cats. As a rule, Foldex has a very enchanting character. A Foldex Littermate kitten.... one with straigth and one with pleated eyes. Of course, the most striking characteristic of the Foldex are the pleated ear. The Foldex ear can be traced back to a solitary dominating or uncompleted dominating gen.

Foldex growers never match a pleated eared cats to another pleated eared cats out of anxiety about duplicating the pleated auricle. This can lead to osseous deformity. Since breeder mates only a pleated eared cats with a straigth eared cats, this means that only 50% of the resulting catkins get the pleated eared genes from the statistic.

The Foldex cats are all bred with flat, unwrinkled eyes. Catkins with the folder genes have wrinkles in their eyes within 21-28 working day of parturition. In the next few month the convolution of the eye develops gradually until the cat can determine the unfolding of the eye at the tender ages of 11-12 week.

The Foldex cats have a unique pleat in the eye, unlike the Scottish folds, which have a two or three folds, so the eye lies completely flush against the skull. Cats that do not grow pleated ear are known as straights. The Foldex are made from the mating of four different races:

Below we have compiled a compilation of photographs of this delightful race. We' d like to thank all the growers and fotographers who have helped, and especially Lynn Jette from Blue Sky Photography, Orleans, Ontario, Canada, who has provided so many of her breathtaking pictures presented in this articlen. The Foldex is a so-called "headrace" with 40 points in the standard, which is solely allocated to the sire.

You will find below a gallery of close-ups of Foldex showing a wide range of different heads.

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