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Were you talking about Myanmar flights? What is the best way to fly from London to Myanmar (Burma)? Booking your flight from Yangon (RGN) to London (LHR) with our best price guarantee. A short introduction to Myanmar (Burma). Visit our online travel guide for Myanmar (Burma).

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Burma is Asia's banned crop. If you enter Myanmar, you might think you're going back in may. When you are traveling to Myanmar, it is best to go now while it is still an unspoilt temple and swimming garden haven. Currently there are three Myanmar airport sites, a forth airport (Hanthawaddy Airport ) is still underway.

When you plan a journey, look for the following locations. It is the country's biggest international airfield and has the longest take-off and landing strip in Southeast Asia. And Mandalay itself is a typically Southeast Asiatic town. It is a vast trading center where most of the Indian and Chinese commerce takes place.

There is a lot of arts, cultural and entertaining in this pulsating town. While it may be smaller than Mandalay and Naypyidaw but Yangon is the main crossroads for flying internationally to Myanmar. It has already made major modernization efforts and since a new modernization agreement has recently been concluded, it looks as if there will be many more improvements.

Formerly known as Rangoon, the town is home to some of the most glittering attractions such as the Shwedagon Paya Buddhist Temple. Myanmar's purpose-built capitol, Naypyidaw, was secretly erected in the early 2000s. This makes it quite aseptic in comparison to other towns in the state. It is a touch of coolness in comparison to other southeast Asia towns, but if you are looking for a true culture adventure, you will hardly find it here.

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