Flying in Myanmar

Fly in Myanmar

The Myanmar National Airlines serves the widest range of destinations. Find prices for Etihad Airways, China Eastern and more. Find and search offers for flights from Chicago. As a rule, the cheapest way to reach Myanmar from outside the region is to fly to a regional hub such as Bangkok or Singapore. Small spoilers for HBO's "Sharp Objects.

Travelling in Myanmar (Burma) by plane

Most of the booked timetables throughout the whole state only use local airports which are listed in the following chart. Myanmar's internal traffic has increased, new aircraft - most of them with propellers instead of jets - are substituting older, less dependable aircraft. Often the aircraft goes to several locations in one and the same time, sometimes they land at an airfield, unload and reload and take off again 30 mins later.

Dayly services run between the major cities of Yangon (Rangoon), Mandalay, Heho (for Inle Lake), Nyaung U (for Bagan) and Thandwe (for Ngapali Beach). There are other airfields with only one plane per night or, in the remotest places, only a few planes per weeks. Below you will find the airlines' contacts in Yangon.

All of these carriers have the same primary destination (i.e. from Yangon to/from Nay Pyi Daw, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle, Sittwe). The Myanmar National Airline offers the widest choice of services. During the high seasons, timetables between key cities such as Yangon, Mandalay, Nyaung U and Heho are the most dependable - but it is important to always review your departures at least 24 hrs before your flight and on the actual time.

Smaller routes can be terminated and resumed as needed.

Fly in Myanmar

I do not want my'1 in 10' to be a final statistics.... in the light of what I have said, most air travel you will see with any carrier will be drama-free, but there will be a greater incidence of accidents involving carriers that have no western security policy as we know it in the West.

It sometimes needs a serious event like the one I gave up for an airlines to get their act together. In the last few month the last few weeks have seen a number of cancellations due to the monsoon season. So if an airlines does this, you know it is confident.

The" security culture" of an air carrier derives to some extent from the cultural background of the area in which it originates. Anything that happens in the dashboard and in the captain's interplay with his team is strongly affected by prevailing cultural conditions. Back to the OR, as you fly to Mandalay and Yangon, where the airport is well-appointed, you should not have a drama.

As Hilron said, flying is still the most secure means of transportation from a statistical point of view.

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