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Hi all, wants to make a short visit from Singapore and was wondering what the best strategy is to get from Yangon to Bagan by air. Myanmar's main destinations are Yangon and Bagan. Yangon (Yangon) - Bagan (by plane). You will be picked up at your hotel by our local guide after breakfast and transferred to Yangon Domestic Airport for the flight to Bagan (Nyaung U Airport). Then, start a tour of Bagan.

from Yangon to Bagan by rail, coach, flight starting at thbo 515

An indisputable highlight of any Burmese tour, Bagan is 620 km northern of Yangon. It is no wonder that the stretch between Yangon and Bagan is well covered. Busses, train and airplanes allow you to take your sweetheart' s leisurely pace, saving a few dollars in your pockets and taking a long voyage and a rough street or traveling quickly and separating with a few USD100+ and getting close to the secret Bagan Temple is only an hours drive.

There is a train line connecting Yangon with Bagan. From Yangon we take the same northbound line to Mandalay, and the Bagan-bound line turns off southwestwards from Pyinmana to turn southwestwards to Leon and then northwestwards to Taungdwingyi and Kyaukpadaung before arriving at Bagan station, which is actually 3 km southwards of Nyaung U. The line winds through the landscape with occasionally gold Stupas that pass through it here and there, is quite picturesque, but also longer than the bustrip.

The journey from Yangon to Bagan lasts 17hrs. There' s only one day trip No 61 from Yangon to Bagan, which leaves at 4 pm and arrives at Nyaung U railway the next morningh. The price varies greatly, from MMK5,500/USD4 for a tough fit when you buy it personally at the railway yard, up to MMK80,000/USD60 for a mooring in a sleeper when you buy in advanced from outside Burma.

Hint: During the low seasons No. 61 does not offer sleepers; the selection is limited to different seating positions. The Yangon Central Railway Stop is on Kun Chan Road, opposite the arena. 500m from Bagan Railway Station and about 3km behind the Nyaung U International Airports - one way from Nyaung U. Taxis are available for Nyaung U, New & Old Bagan at more or less the same fare (MMK8,000/USD8).

Ask your hotelier if there is a free transfer from the railroad- some of them do it for arrival at the airfield, but you can always bargain. In case the price of the cab driver at the main railroad stations looks too high, just go 150 meters to the motorway and drive cheap.

Yangon has several coach terminals, but the most important one for busses in Bagan is the Highway Coach Station, also known as Aung Mingalar Coach Terminal. It' situated far outside the town, 500 metres eastwards of the Aung Mingalar Highway, between Sat Hmu Street and Sa Gaing Street; another 7 km to the Northwest of Yangon International.

You can buy your coach ticket in town at the ticket desks at the Yangon main station just outside the town. From Yangon to Bagan there are several overnight busses departing between 18:00 and 21:00 and a 9:00 a.m. early birding. It takes them about nine and a half hour to get to Bagan, which is obviously much quicker than the train.

There are a few things to consider before you take the coach to Bagan. In busses it can get ice-cold. Like in many other high-temperature nations, the Burmese are prone to using excess ventilation in busses. You can choose between different categories of busses - from the very economical and inexpensive public transport busses (from MMK15,000/USD11) to more luxurious ones (MMK26,000/USD19).

Busses usually make at least one stop on their way to supper. Be it at noon or in small classes, wait for the local people to get out and enjoy their meal at any hour of the night: food is essential! Please be aware that busses departing Yangon in the evenings come to Bagan early in the mornings between 3am and 5am.

Attempt to buy a fare for a coach that departs as early as possible to reach your destinations at a cheaper time. There is a new motorway coach terminal near Bagan train terminal, about 2. Five kilometers after the airfield. Common cabs to Nyaung U are available for under MMK2,000, but you can also run 100m to the motorway and drive down the banner by car.

Taxidrivers in'Burma style' welcome all incoming busses, calling out their awards and urging you to go with them. Like in the case of the aerodrome and train stations, your guide can help to organise the transfers at a better price (about MMK5. 000/USD5 per Nyaung U, slightly higher for New and Old Bagan).

There are a few airlines offering day-to-day air services between Yangon and Bagan. During the low seasons you can take advantage of the promotional rates of some tourist agencies (Yangon-Bagan for about 80 USD). However, you won't have to fly a long and costly long ride or a long and costly ride by coach. Hint views of the Bagan temple from above at touchdown (or natural takeoff) are astonishing.

Yangon International Yangon International is located 17 km from Yangon Central Station. Most of the way between the town and the international airports you can still take the local buses - look for a local buses to either Zel Maing Kone or Maha Si (ask the local people, otherwise you probably won't find out which one is right for you) and then go up Yangon Airports Road - it's 2.5km to the terminals.

Taxis from the bus stop are about USD 1,- Bagan International is in Nyaung U, just south of New and Old Bagan. There are no cash machines or bureaux de change at the international airports - make sure you have enough cash in your area. Taxidrivers at the airports ask between MMK5,000 and MMK8,000 for a destination in Nyaung U, New & Old Bagan.

When booking your accomodation in one of the mid-range or top hotel, make sure there is a free shuttle from the Aiport. Please note: Entry to the Bagan Archaeological Zone is payable directly at the Aiport. Without your Bagan tickets you will not be released from the terminals.

Mandalay 5 hour busses to Mandalay are available for MMK10,000/USD9. Train to Mandalay runs 7½ and leaves at 7am/day. One much nicer way to get to Mandalay from Bagan is by boat along the Irrawaddy River. Ferries take longer - from nine hrs - but you can prevent a rough coach trip.

There are different opinions: some travelers enthuse about this trip between Bagan and Mandalay, others think it is too costly, not so dramatic and dull. Monywa, halfway between Bagan and Mandalay, can also be accessed by coach or via Pakokku. Coaches to Kalaw and Taunggyi (for Inle Lake) are also available from Bagan (from MMK12,000/USD10).

When you can fly, it is best to take a flight to travel between Bagan and Inle Lake. You do not have to take a bus directly to Sittwe or Mrauk U: you have to transfer at Magwe.

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