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Flying to Yangon Myanmar

Locate flights to Yangon on AirAsia, Thai AirAsia, Biman Bangladesh and more. Yangon flights via Singapore or Bangkok with Myanmar Airways International water plastic bag pendulum against flies Yangon Myanmar. eastcodeTravel.

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When traveling, it's about taking the leisure and enjoying the little things. It' about recording everything - the colours, the tone, the scent and the motion. It is a collection of these little things that makes a place like Yangon special and we want to help you get there. At Yangon, we make every effort to make the journey as easy and straightforward as possible, so we've provided everything from Yangon's favourite hotel to inexpensive car hire and one-of-a-kind activity so you can just relax and relax and enjoy it.

Her astonishing trip to Myanmar begins at the international airports, right after your plane ride to Yangon. As soon as you get off, it's luggage and maybe something to feed. It' then, it is a choice: Alternatively, it might be good to go to a motel or get together with your boyfriends and mates. Your experience begins after the plane has flown and we trust it never ends for you.

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Yangon, the trading capitol that is the major gate to Myanmar. Immergr√ľn and chilly with luxuriant exotic plants, shaded gardens and lovely ponds, Yangon has deserved the name "The Garden City of the East". Alaungpaya established Yangon on the site of a small village named Dagon when he won the 1755 South Myanmar Wars.

Situated in the small village of Kyaikhto in the state of Mon. It is 160 kilometres from Yangon. It is 1100 kilometres above see-levels. From Kinpun basecamp it goes 11 kilometres up to this crescent. The Shwedagon is the most famous and famous of all pagodas in Yangon.

One of Myanmar's most important travel destination is the Nile Lagoon. SWEDAGON is a large conical Buddha statue covering a mound about a kilometer northern of the canton. Chauk Htat Gyi is known for its large picture of the lying Buddha, which was erected in 1966 and replaces the old picture of Sir Hpo Thar from 1907.

Bogyoke Aung San is the most famous travel stop in Yangon. It' one of the most valuable colorful houses you can find in Yangon.

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