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As Myanmar gradually begins to develop as a major tourism destination, you can still savour some of its best-kept mysteries without the touristy knickknacks. Bagan, the emblematic town, is stunning with its old shrines and Stupa winding through the skys. Ballooning is a great way to see the magnificent view of this antique town.

The Yangon is the beloved gate to Myanmar's religions and cultures. The evolving megacity is home to beautiful architectural structures in the shape of Victorian and Georgian edifices, with ponds, gardens, open-air market and museums throughout the town. Naypyidaw, the capitol, is well deserved a full working days to visit its imposing castles and parliamentary complex.

The Kalaw highland offers wonderful landscapes, basic inns and tasty grocery stores for interesting hikes! People with a Southern Africa ID require a Myanmar entry permit. Two hundred and 201 Leyds Street, Arcadia, Pretoria. Myanmar's Republic of Africa office is in Bangkok. Myanmar's health care is bad and hygienic levels are low.

Whilst you definitely want to try the indigenous road meal, be careful where you dine and just take filled waters (also for tooth brushing).

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