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MiraMirates flies Boeing 777 on new day's flight to Myanmar

Outbound to Yangon, a relatively unexplored target in Southeast Asia, UAE has started a non-stop service to Myanmar within six hours. This is the fifth new service to Eastern Asia this year and the 155th in 82 nations and regions to be operated by a Boeing 777-300ER.

Emirates launched a sightseeing flight from Dubai to Cebu and Clark in the Philippines in March, followed by Yinchuan and Zhengzhou in May. After a 90-minute stay in Myanmar's largest town and trade center, we continue to Hanoi in Vietnam. If you don't get off in Yangon, you can fly to the Vietnamese capitol; the carrier already flies directly to Ho Chi Minh town.

So far, most travelers have flew to Myanmar via Bangkok. Mr Badr Abbas, Emirates Sr. VP for Far East Business Affairs, said that both Yangon and Hanoi are "on a landmark agenda, especially for UAE citizens". After a sharp rise in Myanmar tourism traffic last year from all over the globe, Emirates' policy is to measure and boost local and global tourism as well.

Mr. Abbas said, "Emirates wants to be an important player in Myanmar's economic development and prosperity. Mister Abbas said that the number of tourists arriving from the Far East was growing, even with the present strengthening of the US Dollars, and that Myanmar was a "dynamic developing market". It has 55 million inhabitants, 7 million of whom live in the former capitol Yangon.

Myanmar's tourist attractions include old temples, contemporary and old-fashioned dining, ecological travel and a long distance of pristine, secluded Andaman Sea archipelago along the Andaman Sea just to the south of Yangon. New areas, previously limited to the tourist industry, are opening up in the northern regions. Whilst there is currently no UAE embassy, most people, whether traveling on holiday or on holiday, can request an e-visa now.

There will be departures to Yangon and Hanoi at 03:30 every day, arrivals at Yangon International Airport at 11:40 and at Noi Ba International Airport in Hanoi at 15:30.

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