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I' ve read that the direct flights from Bagan to Siem Reap start in July. Hello, after a little indecision I'm on my way back to Burma. What is the best way to book flights to Bagan from outside Burma? Burmese Nyaung U Airport (??

??????? ????????) (IATA: NYU, ICAO: VYBG) is an airport in Nyaung-U (or Nyaung Oo), a city in the Mandalay region, Burma (Myanmar). Get the cheapest air tickets from Bagan NYU to Pathein BSX.

what is the nearest to Bagan? which carrier.....

What is the nearest to Bagan and which carrier is there? It' only about 5 hour drive and the street is good and the prices are very low. There are flights to Bagan from Nyaung U International Airfield. We' ve used Myanmar Air for an early breakfast from Yangon.

At the beginning of our journey, when we arrived at Yangon International Airfield, we were received by a member of Burma Air who agreed to accept our Cashmere check-in fee, which she filled out on site. Actually, what I named Burma Air was Air Mandalay. I' m planing a journey to Bagan Burma for my birthdays.

I therefore sincerely trust that this is not permitted for Myanmar either. Until then I fly from Thailands to Maltalay. 313globet..... from your property and mail it to your property in BAGAN and back. It would be the closest airfield to Bagan. Internal services are available from either Yangon or Mandalay. 2.

There were no departures from either location every day from my last trip (Aug 2014) and some of my Yangon trips could stop at Mandalay. I' ve taken Bagan Air. From Yangoon we took a local plane, the nearest airfield is only a few minutes away. The majority of national carriers fly directly to Bagan, but no multinational airline.

First you must contact Yangon or Mandalay. For Fredy Orl.... in one go.

Arrival to Bagan (Pagan)

Busses reach Shwe Pyi Motorway Stations, southeast of Nyaung U - further from the city than the city. To Nyaung U, a cab from here takes 15 min. and costs K8,000. The price of Old Bagan or New Bagan (20 minutes) is about 10,000 K. The train arrives at Bagan train stop, which is situated just down the southern side of the city.

It takes 15 min by cab to Nyaung U and costs K8,000. The price of Old Bagan or New Bagan (20 minutes) is K10,000. You can reach most Nyaung U hostels and B&Bs on foot or by K 2000; you should take a cab if your lodging is in Old Bagan or New Bagan, which are further away.

The fastest and most convenient way to get from Mandalay to Bagan is by quick tour cruisers, and free breakfasts and lunches are provided. Mandalay Bagan6:00 AM5:00 PM$53Mon, Wed, Fr Oct-Apr. incl. visit of the riverbank town. Besides the quick boots there is a slower boot from Mandalay twice a week.

Slower vessels sometimes get bogged down on sand banks (more likely in the drought ), which can lead to considerable delay. It is a very simple, old-fashioned shuttle; usually you get foreigner seats, but you often have to find your own place. Low-speed fares are $10. Detailed information on inland navigation (IWT) can be found here.

For more information about cruising, visit Myanmar by canoe.

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