Flights within Burma

Journeys within Burma

After all, here is a comprehensive list of all airlines flying to and within Burma. Notification of visa approval will be sent by e-mail within three days. Hong Kong based registered companies & websites for travel within Hong Kong. I was on Air Bagan on all my flights within Myanmar. This section contains a lot of useful practical advice on traveling in Burma.

Travel to, from and around Burma (Myanmar)

Would you like to know about travel to, from and around Burma (Myanmar)? Whilst mass tourism to Burma is relatively new in comparison to its neighbors, it is becoming increasingly easy to enter and leave the state. There are currently three major multinational airfields and a steadily increasing number of connections to Thailand, one to Laos and one to India.

You will need a valid identity card valid for at least six month after your date of arrival to travel to Burma. Most of the visitors come to Burma on a touristic visas. More information can be found on our Burma Visas page. Myanmar chapeau drei internationale Flughäfen, Yangon Intl. (RGN) à Yangon, Mandalay Int l. (MDL) à Mandalay et Naypyidaw Internation.

Inland airfields of interest to travelers in the state are Bagan (NYU), Heho/Inle Lake (HEH), Kengtung (KET), Lashio (LSH), Sittwe (AKY) and Tachileik (THL). Myanmar is a large nation with poor roads and although we generally like to stay by car, boat or train during the trip, a local trip to Burma (Myanmar) may occasionally be necessary or at least comfortable - unless you have unrestricted travel and better rear-tyres.

Flying inside Burma can be a little irritating - even quite annoying - so here's a quick overview of how it works. At least ten carriers have been in Burma since mid-2016, and although we are not sure how long some of these carriers will last, they are certainly not all fly-by-night operators, and in general the ones we used were all in order - and also quite affordably, although fares are rising as the tourist industry is booming here.

Burma Airways is the flag ship of the nation, while Golden Myanmar currently offers flights to Singapore and Bangkok. You also have useful shuttles from Yangon to the Aiport. With a somewhat doubtful fame as being the property of a Myanmar general, Air Bagan is one of the most widely recognized domestic airlines and serves 19 major European and several Asia locations, and has a large, generally state-of-the-art aircraft population.

However, Air Mandalay has no new aircraft with no foreign or foreign flights. Asia Wings is another airline you will often come across; it has proper new aircraft, covered all of Japan's favorite targets and sells a share of Japan's ANA, which should enhance service and upkeep. Yangon Airways we haven't tried yet, but they are flying to some remote places like Myitkyina and Putao.

Air traffic in Burma is not a security, maintenance or even timeliness issue. We have always found that if a 4:00 p.m. aircraft is planned, it will take off quite near that hour - if it takes off at all, we think. In heavily frequented locations, several flights just rearrange the passenger to one single aircraft, so that Air Bagan, Asian Wings and Air Mandalay, for example, only use one aircraft - even if you are booking with Bagan, you can go on a KMC trip.

If there are not enough people on a Yangon - Mandalay trip, they will be combining it with a Yangon - Bagan trip, so that you will stop in Bagan all of a sudden. If you book a Heho (Lake Inle) to Yangon directly with Asian Wings, you can fly by Air Bagan over Mandalay, Bagan and Nyapidaw.

Minor airfields without repeated departures on a certain date can easily cancel a ticket for indifference. That is a major issue at smaller airfields like Kawthaung, Tachilek, Kengtung and Putao. In addition, the province has not always first-class radars, so the wheather can lead to cancellation. Please be cautioned that this is a concern with higher elevated airfields such as Shan Plateau, which includes Heho, especially in strong mist in the winters or low clouds during the wet-seasons.

Therefore, you must be very cautious when you make your reservations for onward flights. As a rule, with the exclusion of Mandalay, do not make internal flights with an Yangon airport service. It' much more safe to allow 24 hrs between the links and adding a overnight in Yangon. In conclusion, a few words on flying practice.

As a continuation of the topic of backlog, flights should be confirmed 24hrs before. Please note that, as stated above, you can board an Air Mandalay aircraft with your Air Bagan-Aticket. Approach and take-off methods differ from airfield to airfield, with some passes required at check-in and others not.

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