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Helicopter Flights to Yangon Myanmar

Give your creativity free rein and immerse yourself in Myanmar culture by booking a flight to Yangon. Journeys - Asia - Myanmar. Myanmar's former capital Yangon, the country's largest city, is considered the country's most important commercial and cultural centre. Thirteen Airways offers flights from London Heathrow (LHR) to Yangon. Finding cheap flights to Yangon.

Discount sightseeing flights to Yangon, Myanmar from London for £312!

So if you are more agile and can schedule your holiday in anticipation, you can consider a range of up-to-date sightseeing flights from London to Yangon, Myanmar's biggest town. It will be built on Air China's services with a stopover in China. Outward and return flights from the UK to this Southeast Asia are already available for £312 (?356)!

There are also flights available in March, which is still the peak travel period and the best part of the world to see.... You can also make a free stopover in China and travel to two different destinations on your journey to Beijing... (If you travel via Beijing, you do not need a China passport for up to 144 hours).

The quickest way to find out about your flight schedule is to contact the airlines directly at week´s Example bookings for low-cost scenic flights to Yangon, Myanmar from London for £312 below. If so, you would leave London for Myanmar on 6 May and return to the UK from South East Asia on 18 May 2018.

Cheap flights to Yangon

Yangon, the former capitol of Myanmar and the biggest town in the land, is regarded as the most important trade and heritage centre. Around the town there are a number of intriguing monuments of history and religion, among them the famed Swedish Pagoda. In addition to its ancient monuments, Yangon is known for its lovely parkland and garden and offers numerous museum and arts gallery facilities for those who want to explore the area' s unparalleled civilization.

The Yangon Internacional is Myanmar's most important Aiport and is about 15 km from Yangon. Three of the airport's major pedestrian traffic facilities are operated from the central station, which is the second. It is possible to book flights from the UAE to Yangon directly from Dubai.

Emirates is currently the only carrier to operate flights on this service, with all flights departing from Dubai International International airport. From Dubai International International you have to go to Terminal 3, which is the basis for all Emirates flights at the city. The Yangon International has recently been renovated and refurbished so you can count on better conveniences and equipment.

There is a wide range of catering facilities within the aiport, which offer everything from quick foods to restaurants, while in addition to duty-free retail there are some stores where you can buy everything you need. Once you arrive at the aiport, those on a limited budgets can find bus services to Yangon, but there are also many taxi services outside the aiport.

Nationals of the UAE travelling to Myanmar require a prior visitor permit, so make sure you apply in full before travelling. Yangon's year round climate is hot, although it gets colder in November-March. At Yangon you have to move your watches two hour and 30 minute forward, while the money you need in Myanmar is Burma's Kie.

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