Flights to Ngwe Saung

Helicopter flights to Ngwe Saung

Are you looking for cheap flights to Ngwe Saung, Myanmar? Ngwe Saung flights are available for all holiday plans. You have to drive to the beach from Pathein.

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All about Ngwe Saung - Ngwe Saung

The Ngwe Saung is a favourite spot for Myanmar-visitors. Ngwe " means sterling which is a perfect explanation for the sterling sands. It'?s a 25-minute plane trip. You have to drive to the shore by road from Pathein. As the trip to Ngwe Saung is not the simplest of experiences, not too many travellers have dared the trip, and this has made it possible for the beaches here to stay untouched by touristic inundations.

If you like Ngapali Beach for its cleanness and tranquillity, you will also appreciate the scant amount of personal activities at Ngwe Saung Beach. Ayeyarwady is situated in Ngwe Saung. There are also a number of resort, restaurant and hotel facilities open all year round.

Between Ngwe Saung and Pathein there is an'elephant camp' on the long and calm sandy beaches, the Isle of Lovers. Go to the shore, look at the town. There' s not much to do in Ngwe Saung, that's the one. Chill out and take in the peace and tranquillity. The Rakhine Mountain Range is one of the most important touristic attraction in Ngwe Saung.

Lakear is one of the most famous places to dine here, and the more costly is the Sunny Paradise. Other in the same leagues are Myanmar Treasure, Emerald Sea Resort and Pearl Island Resort Hotel. Ngwe Saung's beaches are famous for its row of coconuts and palms as well as the many wildfowl like the eagles and the silver-headed-kestrel.

Seafood such as crustaceans and crayfish can be seen on the beaches. This is a perfect place for those who like the tranquillity and tranquillity of the area. Ride a bike or drive to explore the area, enjoy a hotel spas or just unwind on the water.

When it comes to memorabilia, visitors can buy objects such as local paintings of parasols to give the easiest of products an original look. You can visit the elephant camp on the way to Ngwe Saung. Lover's Island is the ideal place to observe the sunset in the ocean every night.

A major reason why not too many visitors come to Ngwe Saung is the rivalry with other resorts such as Ngapali and Chaungtha. There is also little press reporting about this one. Those who have been to this place, however, have much to say about the long sandy stretch of land with plenty of clean water in the Bay of Bengal.

It' the ideal place to recover from urbanisation. Ngwe Saung's coastline is 15 km long. Here you can sunbath on the beaches, enjoy good shellfish in the restaurant, enjoy volley ball on the beaches or go surfing or canoeing. You can take a plane or coach from Yangon or Panthein, according to your preference and your travel plan.

From Panthein a plane ride lasts less than half an hours. From Panthein and Yangon there are also yachts to Ngwe Saung. Yangon flights depart only from the major airfield.

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