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To Dawei

Are you looking for cheap flights to Dawei, Myanmar? Hello, I plan to take the plane from Yangon to Dawei. From Dawei (Dawei) to Singapore (Singapore Changi). Destinia: Find the cheapest flight with Destinia. It is an old city and still retains the charm and dignity of a city.

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Dawei Thorn Tree - National Flights to Dawei

Hello, I intend to take the airplane from Yangon to Dawei. Thank you very much! purchasing the tickets as soon as you arrive in Myanmar, through your guest house or a ticketing broker, could be saving you some $$, but probably not much. Another possibility is to use Myanma Airways, as they are usually less expensive than most other carriers.

Hi ReiseFlicky, It will be Myanmar Airways, but who wants to file a complaint if the rate begins at 60 US dollars? In Dawei you have several possibilities to spend the night on the sea. Are you recommending Myanma Airways from your own personal experiences? They are not recommended by the German Forging Authority to fly with them because the aircraft are poorly maintained.

I' m going to Dawei to the Maungmagan beach, yes. I' m thinking about being in Dawei a little longer. l know the German Blacksmith's Office advises against it. When you need everything in good shape for 1 hours flying. Note that Sun Far and Mann Yadanapon also use Myanmar Airways.

The airplanes are a bit'rougher' inside (but then some of the Air Bagan airplanes I was on...) are a little older....but no problem. Hysterical (sic) Myanmar Airways had an awful security records and dropped most aircraft of their own failed to make the lists of most West European states.

With a new website and e-ticketing they have now been renamed Myanmar National Airways. http://www.myanmaairways. aero/ and have supplied and ordered a new aircraft fleets, with ATR's and Embraer. Is this a recommendation for or against flights with MNA? Now, here's my expertise on the subject:

I' ve already reserved another carrier (Air Mandalay) long in advance and got a week's notice that the plane was canceled. Then I was transferred to Myanmar National Airlines - haha. It was a good ride, not as convenient as with Air KBZ, but nothing to worry about on a 45-minute ride.

Meanwhile, the German Forging Authority no longer advises against Myanmar National Airlines.

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