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Find Flight offers from Myanmar to Hong Kong (HKG)! Booking your Myanmar to Hong Kong ticket and travel in award-winning comfort for less money. Cheap flights from Hong Kong to Yangon: Hongkong - Yangon, online flight booking from/to Yangon, Myanmar. The best offers of all airlines for Hong Kong - Yangon.

Cheap flights from Yangon (Rangoon) to Hong Kong[RGN - HKG] - ?251 and more

Receive a warning when Yangon (Rangoon) price falls to Hong Kong. Hongkong is 15 miles from Hong Kong Intl Airport (Hong Kong, China). Currently 97 carriers are operating from Hong Kong Intl Airport. The Hong Kong Intl Airport operates non-stop flights to 146 towns.

There are at least 1,086 national flights and 3,419 intercontinental flights departing from Hong Kong Intl Airport every weekly.

Hong Kong flights - Myanmar Message Board

We' re planning to begin our journey in Mandalay and end in Yangon. Now, I am not an aviation specialist for this part of the globe and certainly not for Myanmar, but we have already reserved our flights for our March 2015 itinerary. After arriving with Dragon Air from Hong Kong, our plane actually arrives at Yangon International Airfield (RGN) at almost noon.

When there are no flights to Mandalay, it looks like you'll have to spend your first overnight in Yangon and then onward. Yes, it seems that no airline is flying from HK to Mandalay, so we take Vietnam Airlines to Yangon, spend one overnight and drive to Mandalay early the next mornings.

At the end of our journey we will stay in Yangon and from there we will take a plane back to HK. Vietnam Airlines I selected via Dragoonair, because the plane ride back with Dragoonair starts after 1 a.m. and arrives in HK at 5 a.m.! We' ve reserved our flights to and from Hong Kong with Air Dragon.

You' re right, the plane from Hong Kong is arriving at 11:00. 4:45 and the plane back to Hong Kong leaves at 1:10. We' re satisfied with these hours, because that means that we are arriving in Yangon the same morning we leave Australia. After our arrival we are glad to be in Hong Kong very early.

We' ve decided to take our plane back from Yangon to Bangkok and from there back to London. On Dragon Air's way back to Hong Kong, the catch was that we either spent too much stupid long airfare ( "however many pleasant things he has") or a much longer stay, with enough to actually go to HK itself and such a small amount of sight-seeing, but you would have missed a night's rest and there wasn't too much we wanted to see and do in HK in the early mornings after we had been there a few of them.

I am wondering if Vietnam Airlines flights between HK and Yangon are non-stop in both directions? This is not the case; their flights are one stop per route, either in Hanoi or in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). However, the waiting times are quite sensible, so that the overall transport times are not inferior.

I' ve reserved a plane that will leave HK at 14:30 and arrive in Yangon at 18:10, with a 14:25-22:15 arrival. The 1 -1/2 hours delay makes the trip even longer than the outward journey, but not as serious as it looks!

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