Flights from Heho to Bagan

From Heho to Bagan

Online compare & book flights from Heho to Bagan. Will there be flights from Heho (Inle) to Bagan? I only see the flights Bagan->Heho on the flight schedules of the airlines, but not in the other direction. Hehho is the gateway to the beautiful Inle Lake with its unique lifestyle and the old pagoda grounds of Kekku, Indain and Taungto. Flight schedule FMI Air Heho to Bagan.

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Caution when Heho to U Naung price fall. The nearest large airfield to Namibia is Namibia U. Currently 7 carriers are operating from Nyaung-u Aiport. There are non-stop flights to 4 towns at Nyaung-u International Airports. At least 53 flights per weeks leave Nyaung-u Aiport.

Flights from Inle (Heho) to Bagan (Nyaung-U) - Bagan Forum

Hello, Can anyone tell me if there is a non-stop connection from Inle Heho to Bagan (Nyaung-U) and with which one? Most of the airline companies operate flights during the tourist seasons - see the top questions in the Myanmar bulletin board for web sites and itineraries. Hello, Yes, there are flights from Heho to Bagan - you have to make a reservation when you are in the countryside, not sure when you are leaving, but I have reserved a straight to airplane on airbank for my forthcoming December journey.

We' re going to fly Heho>Yangon with Golden Myanmar in January, and our plane will fly over Nyaung U. I assume there will be travellers who have only reserved the first or second stage. Most of the flights are like a bus/train ride with boarding and alighting, e.g. Nyaung U/Heho/Thandwe/Yangon.

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Nyaung u - Heho flight with Air Bagan

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