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Booking your flight from Bangkok (BKK) to Myeik (MGZ) with our best price guarantee. Bangkok-based New Gen Airways, in cooperation with its local partner Tun Htaik Tin Company, has launched direct flights between Myeik Airport and Don Mueang International Airport in the Thai capital. Check flights from Bangkok to Myeik. Discounted BKK to MGZ tickets from dozens of online travel agencies. I' ve visited the website of New Gen and Bangkok-Myeik is listed in the flight schedule.

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You can find the best deals on flights to Myeik by choosing where you want to make your reservation. There you will also find specific deals from Bangkok to Myeikairports. It is 152 mile ('245 km') from Bangkok to Myeik. If you are flying from Bangkok to Myeik, don't lose track of the timing differences.

Clock in Myeik is -1:30 from the Bangkok clock. Myeik is 09:27 and 09:57 in Bangkok. Please re-examine this just before your departure. Between Bangkok (BKK) and Myeik (MGZ) the foreign parity is 1 TB = 39,0491 MMC.

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Enter your trip information and find cheap flights from Bangkok to Myeik Find easy air lanes and book flights from Bangkok to Myeik. Comparison of real-time fares for more than one airline allows you to select the lowest fare airfare from Bangkok to Myeik. Find the best Bangkok-Myeik offer by flying hours, departures, arrivals, durations or fares.

The above are in 24-hour formats. The above mentioned information is provided by China Civil Aviation Information Network Co.

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