Flights from Bangkok to Bagan Myanmar

Bangkok to Bagan Myanmar flights

From last-minute offers to travel tips and a low-cost guide, we have everything under control. Booking flights from Bangkok to Bagan Nyaung U with eDreams. If you find offers, get tips on the best travel times, the weather and more about your destination. Check the prices of Air Bagan flights with other airlines. View Air Bagan flights, routes, maps, prices per month and find the cheapest flights.

Flights from Bangkok to Bagan Nyaung U

Max 2 kids per adulth. Up to 9 and 2 kids per person. There is a 9-passenger limit to get ready for your journey. Looking for flights from Bangkok to Bagan Nyaung United?

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Flights on offer: from Bangkok to Bagan Nyaung U

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Flights Bangkok to Bagan - BKK NYU

Bangkok can be too much for the unsuspecting with its intensive moisture, haunted night clubs and the continuous buzz of tuk-tuks. Once you've found the rendezvous to take it all, you'll find a town in the midst of glittering high-rises and glittering shopping centres that''s deeply entrenched in old buddhistic convictions and traditions: observe saffron-clad friars on their early mornings charity laps, frankincense shrouded in the Grand Palace's gold towers, and long tailed sailboats sliding along the Chao Phraya River at dawn for Bangkok's quietude of peace and tranquility.

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