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Fly from Yangon to Hpa on

By plane from Yangon airport to Inner Mongolia. From Yangon to Hpa An by Rail - Myanmar Message Board Hello everyone, I really liked the recent Kalaw to Inle Lake (Shwenyaung) rail trip and wondered if anyone had experienced riding the Hpan An rail + coach? I think you should take a rail to Kyite Hto and a coach from there. Be great for any information about your experiences, your schedule and the overall length of the trip!

Yeah, there's a 7:15 Yangon platoon arriving in Kyaikto around lunch. Unsure about busses from there, you may have to go to Thaton and make changes. There' s a railway in Thaton, but not sure if the railway will stop there, you have to look at the cash desk in Yangon.

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Is it possible for drivers from Yangon to Hpa-An? - About Myanmar Forum

Hello, Scheduling was reassuring and useful from this board, LP and Travelfish, so thanks to everyone who contributed. So far our trips are in Yangon on October 2 and stay about 20 nights. The most important thing for us is to be near Lake Inle to see the event and the boats racing, we hear that the best date is October 4 and then October 14.

Also, travel to Hpa-An, and have many requests to agencies to establish this. Preferably we do not take the railway to Manlamyine and then the boat to Hpa-An, as we have little spare second. In Yangon we wonder if we want to see the Golden Rock first and then the Hpa-An.

You' ll probably spend three days in Hpa-An and return to Yangon. Many of the trips do something similar, but also contain a little more, so at the moment we are only looking for transport. Even if other travellers are there during October to split the cost of the trip to Hpa-An, we would be interested!

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