Five Star Hotels in Yangon Myanmar

Yangon Myanmar five star hotels

The Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon shines as one of the best Yangon Hotels in Myanmar for pure luxury and contemporary comfort. Luxurious lake retreat surrounded by gardens in Yangon, Myanmar. Lovely palm trees surround the town hall and form a beautiful combination with the light purple window arches in the background. Rose Garden Hotel is the newest five-star hotel to be launched in Yangon. Ikonic five-star hotel in the heart of Yangon.

Iconical 5-star Yangon Fire Rips through, Asia News

Rangoon - One man was killed when a fire burst through a luxurious Teakwood Yangon on Thursday, killing the famous Yangon Fireplace. Thousands of fire fighters tried to suppress the fire that started around 3am GMT (2030 GMT), but could not prevent the fires from burning the Kandawgyi Palace Lake Palace Accommodation.

"We' re trying to ID the body," said Htay Lwin of the Htoo Group that runs the motel. "It' s difficult to say why the fire burst, the cause is being investigated," he said, and added that there were about 140 people in the resort when the infernos began. A Myanmar business man, known for making his fortunes under the former regime, is responsible for the settlement dating back to the former colonies.

The Htoo Group, which includes building, wood, resorts and an air carrier, was formed by Tay Za, a disputed typoon who made billions of US dollar through his strong ties with the war. Natives complained of the disappearance of one of Yangon's icons, located on a mound on a large scenic lakeside in the town.

Hospitality has been transferred to other hostels in Yangon, Myanmar's biggest town, which has left its marks since the end of Burma's reign in Southeast Asia. Most of the oldest parts of the Kandawgyi are from the 1930' s, when the area was used by a group of English officer as a rowers' team.

Myanmar's fame as one of the region's hotest new tourist destination has also been damaged by worldwide censorship over the army's action against the people of Rohingya.

Yangon: Pan Pacific opens luxurious five-star hotel

Pan Pacific, the global luxurious resort that rises high in the Yangon metropolis and provides the best viewpoint in the whole town, has opened a stunning new inner-town resort. Celebrated as the first "truly global luxurious 5-star hotel" in Myanmar, the 25-story building is located at the top of Junction city and provides visitors with a wide range of first-class amenities that differ in many ways from Yangon and Naypyidaw's ParkRoyal, the brand's affiliate resort.

and we both thought that the Pan Pacific would be better suited for this site, and of course there is already the ParkRoyal in Yaw Min Gyi. Q: How long have you been designing this Pan Pacific? Q: What is the big deal between a Pan Pacific and a ParkRoyal hotels?

and you will see that they have very different personalities. More geared towards modern luxuries, Pan Pacific is specifically developed to meet the needs of businesses and business travellers. With regard to the rating of stars, it is more of a classical proposition of a classical proposition. Park Royal has been here for 15 years and is more associated with local people, more of a familiy resort - I really enjoy the feel of living here, it's really hot and cozy - you can see from the foyer that it's very inviting, a 4 plus / 5 stars category as well.

The Pan Pacific is slightly higher rated: you will see that there are ultra high ceiling, sophisticated furniture, chandelier - it is exceptionally stylish. F: There are many new high-end Yangon properties - have you seen the Lotte Hotel, for example? Now that you have seen Pan Pacific Hotel, Yangon, you will know how to make a comparison!

It' s unbelievably nice - especially when you get to the top level and look over the town. We' ve got a thirty-fivethick overlooking the whole town. At Pan Pacific, we put a lot of emphasis on detail at every step. F: Can you tell us when the establishment will open?

F: Is the property designed using styles you have used in other locations? F: Is it specifically designed for Yangon and Myanmar? There is a Yangon affiliate with whom we have worked to make this work. And it had to complement the Junction City theme - the best mall in the city!

F: How do you see yourself now that Pullman, Lotte etc. are here, in competition on the hotel mare? At Pan Pacific, we always strive to be more energetic and innovating in solving problems. This year, the tourist industry is declining, so everyone will have a hard year in the near future, but I think it will go well for several reason; in particular, often there is a growth industry that Pan Pacific and ParkRoyal are overlooking - that is, in-house travelers:

Burmese travelers between Naypyidaw, Yangon and Mandalay etc. There is now a large enough single European home for all. And if the strategies are right, the prices are right and the merchandising concepts are right - and we are optimistic in these areas - then they will want to come! F: What will Pan Pacific have in comfort and equipment characteristics, that makes it different?

There are other charming establishments. Pan Pacific is a truly global benchmark in terms of styling, with a hint of Myanmar flavor. Many Myanmar artisans work with us - 60 percent of the interiors are ordered by Myanmar artisans and handicrafts. There is a very powerful part of Myanmar style.

In Myanmar, we also believe that the woman is passionately caring for herself. This is a one-of-a-kind invention that no other Yangon resort has. That means that the same level is used for the indoor and outdoor pools, the health resort, the dining area and all other amenities that are part of a health and beauty stop.

In connection with this, we promote the "stay" as a major sales argument for Pan Pacific: Stop for a while from Yangon, or take a short pause from your hosts to spend the night in our hotels. - as well as five-star establishments for peace and tranquillity. Overall, Pan Pacific is striving for a specialized segment - it is not a bulk name.

F: How many rooms does the new property have? Situated on the top of Junction City, which means that the views from every room are amazing - apart from all the renowned sights, you can even enjoy ParkRoyal ! F: How is Myanmar now different from the opening of the first ParkRoyal?

Besides, the town' s a hell of a hell of a lot clean. In the past I saw humans in old busses, now I see a large, contemporary navy in the town. Purchasing capacity has also increased for many Myanmarans. As I see, youngsters are less careful, can expend more - they pay more than we do!

Visit the pubs - they are becoming more and more famous and crowds are out every evening! Modernisation is fast and hotel owners and investment firms need to adapt to this new marketplace. F: What kind of food will Pan Pacific offer? To promote our China food is important to us because we believe that this is an emerging Myanmar food store and we have a history of providing world-class China cuisine in Singapore and around the world.

There are a large number of all-day dinners, each with good example of kitchens from around the world: for example, a Japonese kitchenette, a roasting area, a breakfastbar and all the kitchens you would want from a five-star-event. Especially our fast-food restaurant is the ideal place for a meeting: We have sixteen seats!

F: What kind of features will Pan Pacific hold or offer? But as I said, my instinct and my research indicate that the spa and recreational facilities of the resort will be particularly appealing - especially to them. F: Will anything be changed with regard to ParkRoyal Yangon? It will be run by the ParkRoyal staff.

We are looking for family and long-term tenants, but also businessmen who do not have their own offices in Yangon and are living alone - this is a completely new approach for young freelancers. F: Is there anything radically that the Pan Pacific Group will do in Yangon?

We are concentrating on what we do best - we will open the new facility and work closely with our regional counterparts to ensure that we are successful. It is Yangon's only vision for the futures - to make the new Pan Pacific a hit by building stronger stakeholder relations - then we can go anywhere.

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