Five Star Hotels in Yangon Myanmar

Yangon Myanmar five star hotels

Myanmar five star tour and luxury cruise. Travel aristocratically through majestic Myanmar and stay in the best hotels in the country. The Governor's Residence Hotel in Rangoon is located in a villa built by the British. The Star Max Hotel offers the most pleasant stay at the best price. Sky-star is a pleasant hotel with elegant rooms with superior suite, executive suite and deluxe rooms.

Yangon Fire Casings Luxurious Hotels

There is a great fire torn through a luxurious resort in Myanmar's largest town Yangon. On Thursday at about 3 am the fire erupted at the Kandawgyi Palace which is a seaside resort and a symbol of the town. A fire erupted around 3 a.m. and devastated the top floor of the building.

It took several hrs until the firemen had extinguished the fires. Photographs and videos on public service showed how the fire swept through the house and the fumes rose from the five-star motel a few hour after dawn. So horrible message that fire will ruin Yangon's Kandawgyi Yangon Kandawgyi Yangon Kandawgyi Yangon Kandawgyi Yangon Kangon Yangon Kangon Kandawgyi Kandaw Kandaw Kandawang Yang Yang Yang Yang Kandaw Kandaw Kandawang Yang Kand Yang Yang Yang Kand Kand Kang Yang Yang Kand Kand Kang Yang Kand Kand Kand Kand Kang Kang Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand My My My My My My My Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kand Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw Kaw

Yangon five-star Excelsior Hotel opens

With the Myanmar government's increased promotion of Myanmar's tourist industry from 2011, restaurant and accommodation opening levels have increased dramatically, and another new five-star resort is scheduled to open in early 2018. This new Yangon Excelsior is due to open shortly with 74 rooms and the furnishings that recount the history of Yangon's old age.

The four-story edifice was used as the heritage construction for the headquarters of Steel Brothers Limited Company in the early nineteenth century. Now carefully renovated and opened as a luxurious and historic estate in Yangon.

Pan Pacific Shwe Taung, agrees 5-star hotel in Yangon

Shwe Taung Group has signed an alliance with the Pan Pacific Hotels Group to build a five-star resort near Yangon city centre. Pan Pacific Yangon is situated on the south side of Bogyoke Aung San Street, opposite the homonymous square, according to the state New Light of Myanmar.

The Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) put out to bid in March 2012 for the realisation of a contract for an architectural development comprising an architectural development, flats, a commercial center and a motel. DP Architects of Singapore will develop the design in two stages. In the first stage, a 23-storey commercial complex, a 20-storey luxury resort and some parts of the commercial center will be built, in the second stage, a 28-storey multi-family house, the rest of the center and 1,500 car-parks.

The timeframe for the implementation of the scheme has not yet been set. It aims to provide at least 2,000 employment opportunities and comes at a moment when Yangon's hotels are urgently needed due to the growing demands of Myanmar's tourist industries. Shwe Taung will be building a elementary college next to the site of the hospitality as part of its CSR initiative for the camp.

At present, Pan Pacific runs around 30 high-quality properties around the world and also runs the Park Royal hotel name.

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