Five Star Hotels in Yangon Myanmar

Yangon Myanmar five star hotels

Deluxe Five Star Downtown property; Most guests said the reception staff was superb; Free Wi-Fi.

Beach Hotel, Yangon Five-Star-Hotel

Strand is one of the most famous 5-star hotels in Yangon. The Yangon Beach in Yangon, Myanmar, offers the best accommodation for the most demanding people. High-ceilinged and spacious rooms are among the rarest amenities in each of our 31 suites, which will bring back memories of bygone days in our main Yangon resort.

Teawood flooring, hand-carved wooden frames and ventilators complete the country's charm, which is elegantly counterbalanced by the use of Myanmar lacquerware and antiques in the bedrooms and seating area. Again, thank you for making our journey to Myanmar. We' have many pictures of Yangon and Bagan for.....

Death by fire ruins five-star Yangon Myanmar resort

A shock event killed one individual and wounded two after a fire broke out on Thursday mornings in a luxurious lake resort in Yangon, Myanmar. It occurred at 3am at the Kandawgyi Palace which is a favourite tourist and high-ranking traveler's target. The firemen say the man is a man, but his identification is still not known.

Some of the wounded were tourists from China. Shortly after the fire devoured the edifice, the lady leapt from the third storey, causing a backache. Second of the wounded is a firefighter. They are now being hospitalized at Yangon General Hospital. Shortly after the fire, the task force was alarmed and together with the hotel's safety personnel quickly vacated the room, helping to prevent further deaths.

The fire that started at 3 a.m. swallowed the top storeys of the house and totally damaged the wooden partitions and the furnishings. Surprisingly, the fire also hit the lower levels, ruining the floor ing and other appliances inside the city.

Photographs and video clips of the fire in Yangon have now become virtual on publicity sites. A lot of those who got out of the fire also share their experience with the fire on Facebook and Twitter.

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