Five Star Hotel in Myanmar

Hotel five stars in Myanmar

We' re near you, from booking to accommodation! Burma is a land of mystery and beauty. A luxurious Five Star downtown property; Good for business trips; Beautiful breakfast buffet.

Review reviews and photos of five-star hotels in Yangon. Situated north of Shwedagon Pagoda, the holy place of Myanmar, and west of Lake Inya, one of the most popular picnic spots in Yangon, Myanmar.

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Deluxe 5 Star Hotel In Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar

Situated next to the Myanmar International Convention Centre (MICC1) and with free high-speed web access, the hotel is the ideal location for Nay Pyi Taw MICEs. It also has an exquisite selection of works of art and architecture, including the golden foil cover of the entrance area, one of the most precious objects in the country.

Each of the 30 Premier Suites has a large lounge area and cosy bedrooms, making it ideal for corporate and on-call use. Enjoy the magnificent view of the Fairytale Gardens through the glazed windows of the elegant and sumptuous Governor Suite, while being hugged by the majesty of the colours, premium conveniences and fine crafts.

There are two independent lounges, a dinning room and a double room with a walk-in wardrobe, suitable for each of them. Entering the royal suite to take your crown in an incomparable way. Tenderly stratified environments are hailing your attendance, for a faithful retinue of conveniences and drains commends every move you make.

Elegant and refined, it has two en-suite facilities, a gym with free weight and cardiovascular devices, a bathroom, a private showroom and showroom, a dinning room, a lounge, a conference room and a bedroom for a nurse and a body guard. There is a seperate lounge, offices, meeting room, conference room, utility room and kitchen. Tenderly stratified environments hailed your attendance as a loyally retinue of conveniences and indulgence praising every move you took.

With the Grand Royal Suite succumbing to your rule, you are claiming your ultimate sumptuousness. Only 5 min from the hotel in the municipality of Zabuthri, it offers cupboards with ruby, sapphire, iade and the biggest gem of the state. Nay Pyi Taw AFTERNOON TEA Enjoy Myanmar's only afternoon tea in the Diplomatic Bar.....

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