First House Restaurant Yangon

Yangon Restaurant First House

The first house is specialized in the cuisine of Hunan and Sichuan. And Aung Htun added a new photo - at First House Bar&restaurant. There are Chinese restaurants in Yangon like sand on the sea, but intelligent, upscale Chinese restaurants are not what makes first house more attractive than most others. The main business category of the company is restaurants. Verify the information of First House-Yangon Kamayut/Global/International Seafood Chinese at MyanRestaurant.


Up to 50% discount in the best Yangon dining and pub.

Yangon has a lot of exquisite local eateries, but intelligent, upscale local eateries are not what makes first house more attractive than most. The first house is specialized in the kitchen of Hunan and Sichuan, so wait a lot of warmth. Look at the subdued seabass with citron (.18.000 Kyats). With its delicious pig powder and aromatic chili and beansauce, the 6,000 Kyats mapotofu was good, but for Sichuan spice we suggest the incredibly dehydrated, roasted French broad-pea ( 5,000 Kyats) - roasted French fries in stony salts, Sichuan peppers, dehydrated chili and garagelic.

In the First House you can enjoy a well-prepared local China kitchen, a thoughtful staff, a relaxed ambience and at the end no gaps in the table cloths.

DELIGHTFILLY CHINEN delightfilly chinenood place - The first house restaurant and bar

With the popularity of traditional China cooking around the globe, there are many China eating places that can see every place in the game. Yangon has many China restaurant, China grocery stores and states. However, we can only see a few elegant, upscale Yangon dining places. When you find the best restaurant in China that can ensure the best supper, group celebration and a nice atmosphere, we would like to present this restaurant to you.

It is the first house restaurant and bar, one of the best China restaurant and the most attractive place to get the best food. If you are a fan of the outdoors, you have a full park full of verdant vegetation and fresh blossoms that come into direct contact with the countryside and wind.

There you can see very pretty decoration and many valuable masterpieces on the partitions. Rooms are furnished in a uniquely charming Mandarin look with very pretty large paintings and traditionally crafted Mandarin ornament. The first house restaurant and bar offer the best of the best local dishes, specialized and expected in China's Hunan, Sichuan cuisine.

You also have China traditionally herb liquor, which is made with flavors of spices and fruit. Hotpots, seafood and various types of China can be served there, and expert China cooks in this restaurant creating the best delicious China cuisine, full of Hunan and Sichuan flavours. Her favourite recipes are lamb and canard hotpots, stewed lake cod, chilli chickens, hog tenderloin and various kinds of crayfish.

In the First House Restaurant and Pub you will be satisfied with well cooked traditional China food, appealing services and a relaxed ambience. We strongly recommend the best place for eating it.

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